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Are Woolworths and Coles Taking us Back to the USSR

Are Woolworths and Coles Taking us Back to the USSR

Woolworths and other large corporations are slowly but surely turning our free country into a rendition of the now defunct soviet era economic

By continually swallowing up smaller businesses, entrenching their
monopoly, and controlling the government, they have been eroding our
freedoms for some time, and at an increasing rate, for example by pushing
for the elimination of planning controls, and laws which make small scale
production uneconomic.

It won't be long before there will be no small shops and farmers, only
huge corporations like Woolworths Coles etc, and, large mega farms to
hopefully produce our food.

Unfortunately it is being demonstrated that these mega farms are going the
way of their former Russian soviet cousins. Environmental destruction, low
output per hectare, and very high inputs of fossil fuels and precious
water to produce the food.

Australia's food production per capita has been declining not just because
of the drought, but because so many farmers have gone broke and sold out
to these these mega farms. Farming has become an industrial process, not a
skilled and tuned occupation like it used to be.

At present Australia's supermarkets are importing large amounts of product
which is masking the relentless march towards food shortages as happened
in the USSR. They also have huge centralised highly burocratic ordering
and management systems which have a one size fits all approach.

Our experience of work is moving more and more towards being employed by a
large monopoly not working for yourself or small business or for your own
enjoyment of the activity.

As we know, the result of all of this is all around us, the system is full
of people who don't mostly don't care about their jobs and the rot is

That's what happened to the USSR.

Lets not have it happen here

Robert hart


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