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The Great Mullumbimby Blockade Scandal

The Great Mullumbimby Blockade Scandal

Station street outside the Telstra Site no sign of roadworks in progress

Woolworths redundant cage has been standing in the gutters and gardens of Station Street in superfluous splendour for six weeks. Construction of kerbing, footpath and drain was scheduled to begin on 7th June and to finish in 12 weeks. As we reach the mid point of the work schedule, no work has yet begun.

In the meantime, the residents of Station Street suffer the unsightly cages dominating their streetscape. Residents of Mullumbimby suffer with disrupted traffic flow and increased congestion. Residents of Main Arm direction suffer because they have lost their bypass and have to travel down the main street of Mullumbimby.

What are Woolworths up to? Is this some sort of power play Ė look how we can mess with your lives, and we ainít even started yet!

Robert Hart took a walk down station street last Saturday with his camera. He
walked the entre length of the fenced areas taking photos and a movie blog
of what he saw.(see video)

No sign of construction or any roadwaorks to date except for woolworths
driveway into their construction site at the north end of Station street.

At the south end there is a blockade to vehicular traffic accross the road
next to the corner of Burringbar Street. (Milk and Honey) At the middle
entrance to station street Tincogan street there is a sign saying local
traffic only and no "No Through Road" sign and no detour sign.

As a result many cars taking the town centre bypass along the
Tincogan/Station streets are going into Station street and have to turn
around when they get to the arricade at the Burringbar intersection.

There is absolutely no roadworks of any description along the section of
station street where it is blocked off. Why are motorists prevented from
using this piece of road when there is no reason?

Who is supposed to be doing the roadwaorks? Woolworths or Council?
Do woolowrths intend to keep this piece of road blocked off as a statement
to mullumbimby residents that we control you and also as a deterrent to
any possible dissent?

The work description by Byron shire Council syas that the works involve
fixing drainage, widening the street, kerbing and guttering, and upgrading
of the roundabout at Burringbar street intersection. Strangely enough the
roundabout is not fenced off Why????

At the present rate of progress the works will not be completed in 12
weeks actually they may never be completed as zero work started times any
number of weeks equals zero ie never??


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