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Govt urged to nurture suburban food bowls

Govt urged to nurture suburban food bowls

The Federal Government has been urged introduce policies to allow the development of agriculture in Australian suburbs as a way of addressing food security.

A senior research fellow at Griffith University's urban research program says there will be increased pressure on urban areas to produce food in the future.

Dr Jago Dodson says sustaining Australia's metropolitan areas will get harder as environmental issues and population growth impact food supplies.

"We need to start planning ahead and conceptualising what institutional and policy structures we need to have in place so that if we came to the point in the future that we had to rapidly expand our food production then we'd be easily able to do so," he said.


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The issue of food security and urban sprawl  is creeping up the radar watch out for more in the coming months.

Community gardens leave little time to veg out

Veg Out's one-acre block now caters for up to 700 families, individuals and community groups. (

If you're thinking of starting a community garden, gather a big group of people and get ready to work hard, both on and off the land.

Buy local, sink the export industry: researcher

Many people haven taken up the '100-mile diet', only consuming food grown and produced within a 160-kilometre radius. ( Chris Johnson)

An expert has warned that the burgeoning 'buy local' movement could spell disaster for Australia if it catches on overseas.

Perfect produce quest killing Australian farms

Unrealistic expectations: 'Everyone's lost sight of the fact that it's a natural product and natural products grow how they want to' (AFP: Norbert Millauer, file photo)

Some Australian farmers say they are going broke trying to meet "unrealistic" demands from supermarkets demanding picture-perfect fruit and vegetables at a rock-bottom price.

Unseasonal desires: the hidden cost of 'fresh' produce

An order assemblers collects his orders in the produce room, which is kept just above 0 degrees, at the Woolworths regional distribution centre (RDC) in the southern Brisbane suburb of Larapinta. (ABC News: Giulio Saggin)

Australians like the idea of eating fresh fruit and vegetables, but the reality is much of the produce that ends up on kitchen tables has been stored for months and trucked around the country.


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