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Girls Against Gas: Who Are They

Girls Against Gas: Who Are They

Video: Deborah and GAG founder Amelia Hicks

When a group of girls get together with a shared intention - they can become superheroes! One of the founders of Girls Against Gas, Amelia Hicks, explains how she and some friends came to stand up against the mammoth CSG mining industry.

GIRLS AGAINST GAS! one of the most innovative, creative and sexy groups ever to emerge from the anti-coal seam gas movement. These girls, in their stunning and memorable outfits, have had an influential part to play in the sudden departure from the NSW North Coast of some of the world's biggest coal seam gas mining companies which include Arrow Energy (jointly owned by Shell and PetroChina), Dart Energy (an Australian Company focussing on unconventional gas mining in UK, Europe, China, Indonesia, India and Australia) and Metgasco who have tabs on more than a million acres of the Clarence-Morton basin for gas mining. 

So hold on to your hard hats, any gas miners with their beady eyes on the North Coast. Leave while you can still blame it on the 2k exclusion zone; Girls Against Gas are ready for ya!!


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