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Join the Blockade and protest at Glenugie

Join the Blockade and protest at Glenugie

Metgasco are attempting to drill a well at Glenugie near Grafton. Residents at Glenugie have received notification that the drill rig will arrive early this week. If you can get down there tonight or tomorrow please do. If you head down please take food and water to share, and prepare for all weather conditions (there is some rain forecast). 

Please keep watch for the drill rig which may be coming down from Queensland. If you see it please call or text 0447 652 085 / 0437 845 582 / 0438 893 390. 

As always we ask that you act in accordance with principles of Non - Violent Direct Action. 
It is understandable that we are angry, hurt and scared about how this industry will impact our lives, our land our water and our families, but as a community we need to remember that every act has the potential to undermine the strength of our movement. We need to support each other to channel our emotions in positive ways. Anger can be a destructive emotion, one which affects everyone in our vicinity including our friends and supporters, and it is one the media is always going to focus on. 
Our movement is a broad based social movement, with people from all walks of life, our actions need to be inclusive and safe for everyone. 
Please continue to actively support each other as we strive for effective, ongoing opposition to unconventional gas mining in the Northern Rivers. I have attached a very useful Social Barometer for you to consider as we engage with our opponents. I have also attached a code of Non Violent Direct Action which I urge you all to read and to share widely. We ask you to take the time to talk about these principles with your friends and others at protests and work towards implementing them in all your communications.


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