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Glenugie CSG Drilling Threatens Coastal Emus and Yuraygir National Park

Glenugie CSG Drilling Threatens  Coastal Emus and Yuraygir National Park

Many people may not realise that the Metgasco Drill site at Glenugie is close to Yuraygir National Park. It threatens the pristine water source which flows into the Coldstream Valley.  There are about one hundred coastal emus left in the area. Their existence has been threatened in the past by highway upgrades and now coal seam gas drilling in the Pillar valley.

This was brought to our attention by the following report from Sue Vader after she visited the Glenugie blockade and Yuraygir National Park recently

"Thought I would send you this pic of a mother emu and 5 large offspring that I met on the road down in the Yuraygir National Park, adjacent to the area where Metgasco is wanting to mine at Glenugie when I was down there a couple of weeks ago. These gorgeous creatures were so indifferent to my presence that they walked right in front of my (stopped) car so as to go a few metres into the bush where there was a small pool of water. They then proceeded to have a good drink and a cool-down by crouching in the water.

The experience of seeing them so fearless and independent (and so close up and very personal) was heart-stoppingly exciting – in fact, one of the highlights of my life. They epitomized for me exactly what we’re trying to protect from the disastrous effects of CSG mining" said Sue.


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