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Mullumbimby Hospital Tele-health Goes to State Parliament

Mullumbimby Hospital Tele-health Goes to State  Parliament

Jeanette Martin frank Lynch and John Kaye at Mullumbimby Hospital

On Tuesday the 4th September  The Greens will be moving a motion in the NSW state parliament condemning the proposed introduction of the tele-health system at the Mullumbimby Hospital.  John Kaye  was at the Mullumbimby hospital on Friday morning to give support to the local community and  to emphasise that The Greens condemn the NSW government's proposal to replace the overnight emergency doctor with a nurse operated teleconferencing system. 

Regional Communities are Being Shafted on Healthcare

John restated that  the local community has made it very clear that they want an on-call doctor at Mullumbimby 24 hours a day seven days a week.  Teleconferencing puts patients' lives and health at risk, and puts the nursing staff in an impossible ethical and legal position.

It is simply not acceptable to treat regional citizens in this way  such a move in the city would be totally unacceptable. To date all we have had heard from the Health Minister Jill Skinner is that this was a problem caused by the previous government with effort to meet the community's needs.

The Mullumbimby community is sick of buck passing , they want to be able to go to bed at night secure in the knowledge that in the event of a medical emergency they will be seen by a doctor. on the spot not a video link which will entail lengthy delays increased ambulance trips and a much more likely chance of serious complications or even unnecessary death.

Trial of  Tele-health will be a Show Trial

Frank Lynch, Chair of  the "Save MUllumbimby Hospital" group, pointed out that to have a so called trial of tele-health with a doctor present is absurd. What will be the doctor's role during the trial? If you have a doctor present in the emergency department then it is their role to provide the best possible medical care, not stand by and watch a trial of a video based health system

At a meeting with the Mullumbimby community on the 2nd August The local member Don Page (Nationals) gave the strong impression that he was on the community's side and promised to raise their concerns with Ms Skinner. We hope that the nationals will show support for the Rural community and support the Greens motion in the NSW upper house.


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