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Mullumbimby; The Little Town that CAN

Mullumbimby; The Little Town that CAN

THE fight to stop Woolworths opening a store in Mullumbimby has now gone to the whole world via Youtube.

Twenty-year-old Ty Mason, a bachelor of digital arts student from Canberra's Australian National University, is from Mullumbimby, and has just released his documentary film called 'The Little town that CAN'.
The five minute version is now posted on Youtube.
Click on the 'view movie' link to see it.

The film opens with a cute  computer graphic animation of a fantastic ride along Mullumbimby Road towards Mount Chincogan.

Ty took to the streets of his home town to film people's reactions to the Woolworths  development application to build a store in Station Street. "I'm really glad I'm making a film about something I'm so passionate about," Ty said.

Ty continued, "My aim has been to make a film that is as entertaining and informative as possible, about an important topic that has worldwide implications.  I'm concerned about how Woolworths is moving into smaller centres. I'm not a big fan of its predatory pricing policies. They should stay in the big cities where there isn't the option of locally-grown food."

"The people I spoke to on the street had a very negative reaction. These days, you can see lots of people on the street wearing the 'I won't shop at Woolworths' stickers. People are saying they will only support a food store with organics and locally-grown foods. There was no support for a supermarket chain that sourced its food from outside the area, particularly overseas.  We don't want a concrete, generic world, we want diversity and local colour,",said Ty.

MCAN co-ordinator Deborah Lilly said," Mullumbimby has a fighting chance to stop Woolworths moving into town.   And if the worst happens, we are urging people to boycott Woolworths. The supermarket chain moved into Maleny not that long ago and locals have been effectively boycotting it since," she said.


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