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Mullumbimby After Two Years of Woolworths

Mullumbimby After Two Years of Woolworths

Mullumbimby Farmers markets, a mini festival every Friday morning

Deborah Lilly chats with local ABC's Sam Turnbull about how Mullumbimby is going two years after Woolworths opened in the town. Deborah tells Sam that due to the vigorous campaign and solid community building efforts by the local community, Mullumbimby is not turning into a clone town. The local IGA is booming (supermarket images in video are of IGA) and the local businesses have loyal supporters. 

Besides community building, sustainability and resilience through awareness of LOCALISATION and THE LOCAL MULTUPLIER EFFECT was a major part of the campaign and is relevant more than ever in today's corporate gas mining agenda for this area.   The Mullumbimby community gardens were also started 3 years ago and are a thriving vibrant activity in the town, involving hundreds of people and various sustainability enterprises.

The Mullumbimby Farmers markets have been another tremendously successful enterprise. Each Friday a mini festival sets up in the Mullumbimby showgrounds where local producers sell wonderful local fresh food. You can sit beneath the spreading fig trees, enjoying breakfast and coffee to the laid back sounds of local music.


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