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Woolworths Mullumbimby Sewer-on-Bog Plan is a Pump Out System in Disguise

Woolworths Mullumbimby Sewer-on-Bog Plan is a Pump Out System in Disguise

Mullumbimby residents making the point about the ludicrous on-site sewerage system for Woolworths

On 27th May, Mullumbimby residents met at the proposed Woolworths Supermarket site in Mullumbimby to demonstrate that Woolworths proposed sewage disposal system is unworkable and will require much of the effluent to be trucked off the site for a large part of the year.

The proposed system will basically operate as a pump-out system for much of the year. This is in direct contradiction of Byron Shire Council's 'No pump-out' policy.

Should Byron Shire Councillors approve this application, they will set a precedent with very serious ramifications for the standing BSC Onsite Waste Water Policy- to do so would mean they might as well tear that document up.

For about 10 years, locals have been waiting in the moratorium "queue" for the new STP to be built. Why should Woolworths be able to jump the queue and create a precedent for pump-out disposal in Byron Shire?

Local on-site sewerage consultant Garry Scott  explained why the system will not work and will largely function as a pump out system. (see video).

Garry pointed out that the site is boggy, and waterlogged for much of the year. It is totally unsuited for the on-site disposal of effluent of any sort.   As can be seen in the video, there is water lying about all over the site and if approved, Byron Council would be contravening its own policy on waste water management in Urban areas, which clearly states there shall be no collection of sewage effluent in tanks for pumpout and off-site disposal.  It also contravenes many of the basic requirements of the Byron Shire onsite sewage systems policy and many of the Guidelines provide by the NSW Health Department.

Woolworths should take their place in the queue and wait until the opening of the new Sewage Treatment Plant, for which council recently accepted a tender to begin building.  If Woolworths can "jump the queue" this will create a serious precedent, letting open the floodgates for pump-out sewage disposal in Mullumbimby. To clarify:
  • The pumpout requirement contravenes BSC Policy ‘ no pumpouts policy’

  • lack of buffer distance of disposal and treatment areas contravening BSC policy and those of NSW Health Departments Guidelines

    • disposal areas must prohibit (be fenced) public access

    • Their 1157sqm of area relies on many small areas which cannot be easily fenced off

    • For the size of the development it is impossible to provided the required buffer distance that are mandated to protect public health

    •  total unsuitability of the site for effluent disposal of any quality

  • low, flat waterlogged for long periods

  • IT’S URBAN and KNOWN to BE FLOOD Prone and has immediate proximity of disposal area to water ways(drainage lines) and the closeness of Brunswick River.

Councillors, please stand up on the sewage!



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