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31: Govt Urged To Nurture Suburban Food Bowls

Govt Urged To Nurture Suburban Food BowlsThe Federal Government has been urged introduce policies to allow the development of agriculture in Australian suburbs as a way of addressing food security. A senior research fellow at Griffith University's urban research program says there will be increased pre...
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32: Hungry Beast Looks At Woolworths Newport

Hungry Beast Looks At Woolworths  NewportNewport, 45 minutes out of central Sydney and formerly a one supermarket suburb, is about to get a brand spanking new Woolworths store. Its double the size of the existing supermarket and the locals arent happy. But will Woolworths change their proposal? Hungry Beast...
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33: Keep It Local Centre Proposed For Mullumbimby

Last week MCAN and Mullum Forum, two of the local groups concerned about Woolworth’s push to enter Mullumbimby met to discuss the next stage of their campaigns. The groups discussed establishing a Keep it Local Centre in a strategic location in Mullumbimby. A centre ...
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34: Will This Happen In Mullumbimby?

Will This Happen In Mullumbimby?The Maleny community fought long and hard to keep Woolworths out of their rural Queensland town. Woolworths had to force their way in with 200 police, bulldozers and a broken agreement to sell the site back if the locals could come up with $2m. The people of Mullumbimby...
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