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51: Council's Dec 08 Verdict On Woolworths Revised Proposals

Council's Dec 08 Verdict On Woolworths Revised ProposalsWoolworth's "proposed sewage management arrangements are UNACCEPTABLE” says Byron Shire Council in a submission to Dept Planning re: Woolworths latest attempt to abuse the Consent Conditions of their DA for the site in Station Street, Mullumbimby. Yet again...
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Posted: 30Dec2008 13:56   Similar items

52: RAID Rally A Resounding Success

RAID Rally  A Resounding SuccessThe RAID (Residents Against Inappropriate development) Rally today at Hyde Park in Sydney was a roaring success. There would have been about 1000 people there with representatives from 30 groups around NSW - all of whom are furious about the recent amendments to the EPA...
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Posted: 21Oct2008 15:32   Similar items

53: ABC Four Corners Program Highlights The Supermarket Monopoly

Recently the ABC Four Corners program ran a report called "The Price we Pay", an in depth report on the duopoly of Coles and Woolworths in the Australian food market. The report revealed that Coles and Woolworths sell 70 per cent of the dry groceries and h...
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Posted: 13Sep2008 07:20   Similar items

54: Is Woolworths Coming To Mullumbimby Really Progress

Is Woolworths Coming To Mullumbimby Really ProgressIs Woolworths coming to Mullumbimby really progress? ask local film-makers Gene Kulic and Jane Swallow. In a most professionally produced video Jane and Gene cover the proposed building of Woolworths in Mullumbimby and the State take over of local planning laws. ...
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Posted: 1Aug2008 00:38   Similar items

55: Mullumbimby Demo And Funeral For Woolworths Big Box

On the 12th of July 2008 more than 500 residents of Mullumbimby turned out for a large demonstration and funeral procession for the proposed Woolworths Big Box supermarket in Station street. On a wonderful sunny winter day, the turnout exceeded the organisers expect...
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Posted: 13Jul2008 03:12   Similar items

56: Mullumbimby, A Small Town Takes On A Corporate Giant, Woolworths

Mullumbimby, A Small Town Takes On A Corporate Giant, WoolworthsOn Friday the 27th of June, the ABC TV program "Stateline" showed our locally produced movie "Mullumbimby, a Small Town takes on a Corporate Giant, Woolworths" made by local film maker Sharon Shostak Mullumbimby means “Foot of the mountain” and...
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Posted: 29Jun2008 23:14   Similar items

57: Food Miles The Movie

Food Miles The MovieLocal film maker Susie Forster has written and directed a 5 minute movie about food miles. Starring local teenagers Lucy Serret, Juanita Ebbs and Heiti Miller (pictured) the film depicts a growing awareness in our community about the connection between global warming ...
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Posted: 1Jun2008 22:32   Similar items

58: Judy Wicks Visits Mullumbimby

Judy Wicks  Visits  MullumbimbyJudy Wicks Co-founder of the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies in the US and international pioneer of sustainable business, gave a talk and workshop in Mullumbimby on Tuesday 27th May. Judy spoke about her experiences in Philadelphia where she has establis...
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Posted: 29May2008 12:00   Similar items

59: Duncan Dey Speaks About The Flawed Woolworths Approval Process In Mullumbimby

Duncan Dey Speaks About The Flawed Woolworths Approval Process  In MullumbimbyDuncan Dey, a former Byron Shire Councillor, talks about the flawed approval process for the Woolworths supermarket development in Mullumbimby. ...
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Posted: 18May2008 11:36   Similar items

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