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Mulumbimby Vs Woolworths Stateline Dissent Clip June 2007

Mulumbimby Vs Woolworths Stateline Dissent Clip June 2007

Sewer on a Bog? : Video: Our ABC TV Stateline community dissent clip full version.

Watch the video clip that was presented on ABC TV Stateline NSW on the 5th June. This is our latest video to go on TV in the saga of Woolworths vs Mullumbimby.

DEBORAH: Well, here we are on the site that Woolworths bought and they announced on 1 January, 2008 last year that they were going to build a great, big supermarket. We don't want that. That will probably wreck our town.

GARRY: Woolworths have received extremely favourable treatment from the NSW Planning Department. The Planning Department was able to override the decision of our council, Byron Shire Council and allowed Woolworths to go ahead on the condition that Byron Shire Council consider the waste water system. At this moment, Byron Shire Council is considering, on its merits, the proposed, on site waste water disposal for this large store to dispose of their effluent into this land here. We say it's totally ludicrous; we say:

According to Woolworths some of us are are "ideologically opposed to its supermarket and will never be won over, no matter what sewerage system is in place."

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