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MCAN responds to Woolworths Viral Video

MCAN responds to Woolworths Viral Video

Recently Woolworths launched  two TV ads promoting Woolworths  Macro organic foods section . Since these ads are clever they have been picked up and played through Youtube.

Luckily MCAN has an answer to these viral videos called "What do you do when it is your birthday and your friends buy you a Woolworths birthday cake?"

Hopefully this video will become as popular as the Woolworths viral hippie ads.

Here is the scenario:

You are a dedicated MCANic anti-Woolworths campaigner, its your birthday and you are on holiday.  The people in the house where you are staying give you a birthday party, complete with birthday cake. However the cake is a Woolworths mud cake AHHHHH, what do you do? Our intrepid canine friend Woof has just had this experience. Listen to his response ...

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