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Woolworths Sewerage still Bogged in the Mud

Woolworths Sewerage still Bogged in the Mud

The drain by the Woolworths site in Station Street after recent rain. Notice the Stagnant water. The WW site was waterlogged to the surface.

We all know, even a single, one legged grandma, with a compost toilet, who only bathed on Sundays, could not get, an on-site grey water system passed by Byron Shire Council, let alone a 2500sqm supermarket on such a water logged urban site, as proposed by Woolworths in Station Street Mullumbimby.

Woolworths, thinks differently, and BSC is currently assessing their S68 on-site sewage application. Without this approval from BSC, Woolworths can’t get a Construction Certificate or begin work.

BSC has engaged a private consultant to undertake that assessment knowing full well that Woolworth’s won’t be taking ‘no’ as an answer. Both BSC staff and this consultant know should they have the gaul to refuse the S68 application, more than likely, they will soon be standing in the Land and Environment Court down in Sydney and having their abilities challenged by some of the countries highest paid QC’s. Certainly not a place for cowards.

Its as clear as day that no on-site waste water system can provide for the adequate protection of public health and the environment on such a low lying soggy flood prone urban site. Any proposal, no matter how innovative, contravenes BSC on-site waste water policy as well as the requirements of the State Government that every other on-site applicant in our Shire/State must abide by.

Sure NSW Planning might have rolled over to Woolworth ambitions, however, lets hope our Council has the courage to stand up to Woolworths and their QC’s.

Supported by our legal advice, we know that should BSC grant Woolworths S68 application then it will be well worth this community challenging such an unfortunate decision in the Land and Environment Court.

Certainly this community has more than enough anger and resolve to mount such a challenge should our Council fail us.


Gary Scott


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