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Biggest Little Town- a song about Mullumbimby

Biggest Little Town- a song about Mullumbimby

A teenage protest song about Mullumbimby hits the airwaves. 14-year-old schoolgirl Rachel has written “Biggest Little Town”; a song with a clear statement “We don’t want Woolworths in Mullumbimby”. Using footage documenting the 2 ½- year-old campaign to stop Woolworths, local film-maker Byron Susie (Forster) gives the viewer a good taste of the spirit of Mullumbimby.

Rachel’s song expresses her love for Mullumbimby the way it is, and was originally a school project. Her Dad John Stevens and stepmother Mandy Nolan were impressed and encouraged her to record it with Gyan and Simon Greaves of Museagency.

‘Every protest needs a theme song,’ says Deborah Lilly, Co-ordinator of Mullumbimby Community Action Network ‘and this one’s even more potent then most because it’s written by a teenager.'

Multinational Bullying

How can we even think to teach children about things like bullying when they can see multi-nationals get away with it in their own community? We are anti-Wooliing!’

After gaining permission from State planning authorities, Woolworths has commenced construction on it’s supermarket  despite 2 1/2 years of community opposition.  Residents continue to present a unified front in maintaining their resistance to what they consider an inappropriate and insensitive development.
Rachel’s song reflects the sentiment focusing on the uniqueness of this Northern NSW community.
Film maker Susie Forster of Byron Bay Multi-media cut together a u-tube clip using the footage from the MCAN campaign to stop Woolworths coming to Mullumbimby.


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