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Byron shire council Refuses Woolworths Sewerage Application

Byron shire council Refuses Woolworths Sewerage Application

Deborah Lilly speaks at MCAN's media conference today.

After 18 months of a fiery community fight to keep the Big Box out of Mullumbimby, Woolworths have now left town with their tail between their legs. Byron Shire Councillors voted 6-1 to refuse their onsite sewer (s68) application, which means that Woolworths cannot start building their supermarket.

At the Council Meeting today, Director of Planning and Environment Mr Ray Darney produced a letter from Woolworths which was dated today’s date, 30th June.   The letter requested that Council defer making a decision on the Woolworths on-site system. It was mentioned at the meeting that Woolworths had employed a new wastewater consultant, Daniel Martens to do a new a new sewage design.   This confirms what MCAN has been saying for the last 18 months:  that Woolworths sewage design by BRW of Toowoomba was flawed.   Woolworths have now admitted this by reportedly employing a new designer.

This last ditch attempt by Woolworths to provide new plans – yet again – was not esteemed by councillors to be “in the public good” and the application was refused.

However, the plans for the supermarket were approved by the State Planning Minister, and when the new STP (sewage treatment plant) is built in Mullumbimby, Woolworths will be able to connect to that.   This may be some years away.
Meanwhile, the Mullumbimby Community Action Network are celebrating, and enjoying a well earned respite.  They will keep up the fight to stop Woolworths coming to Mullumbimby.


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