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Senator Nick Xenophon unveils Woolworths: "The Pokies People"!

Senator Nick Xenophon unveils Woolworths:

Senator Nick Xenophon with the altered Woolworths logo outside the Woolworths store in the Rundle Mall Adelaide

Garry Scott's term "Woolworths the Pokies People" has now become official, as the Rev Tim Costello and Sen Nick Xenophon, unveiled their campaign against Woolworths Poker machine business on 17 April 2009 'This will mark the date the public began to get a glimpse of Woolworths' true face and their push to get children inside their pokie pubs', said Mr Xenophon.

Rev Tim Costello said "Kids always do what parents do. When they go along to kid-friendly pubs and clubs, this scripts them to be gamblers. Play equipment and free meals for kids are lures to get families into hotels and parents into gaming rooms".

Nick Xenophon graphically altered the Woolworths brand from "The Fresh Food People" to the "Pokies People" in front of Woolworths on the Rundle Street Mall. Rev Tim called for people to boycott Woolworths.

Good on yer Nick! See more at

Senator Nick Xenophon  also has told the Government  that the way to give consumers  real choice at the supermarket and produce better competition in the food industry would be for the government to reduce the market control of Coles and Woolworths through tougher competition laws.

Nick said, 'Woolworths and Coles  control a staggering 80 per cent of the market. That gives them too much power over suppliers and consumers and we are all paying the price.'

'There isn’t another democracy on the planet, that would allow two players to dominate something like 80% of the market, and it simply shouldn’t be allowed to happen here.'


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