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Local Gas Drilling Events

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1: RED ALERT Doubtful Creek Police On Site

RED ALERT Doubtful Creek Police On SitePolice are on site now  at Doubtful Creek.  They have set up a Command post and "rescue van". State Forests now have  approx 30 personnel on the site There are approximately&am...
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2: The Blight Of Bobey's Bight A Gas Well Next Door At Casino

Stewart and Elaine Godwin (pictured) say their experience with coal seam gas   mining has made them very angry. “The drilling is the worst thing, and the generator. The drilling grinds and makes a whooshing noise like a jet coming up...
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3: Jeremy Buckinghams USA Frack Finding Tour In Mullumbimby

Jeremy Buckinghams USA Frack Finding Tour In MullumbimbyDont miss this  opportunity to hear first hand the consequences of years of fracking in the USA Jeremy Buckingham, Greens MP and mining spokesperson, will be speaking about his recent frack finding tour to inspect coal seam gas in t...
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