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Big supermarkets & small busi Excerpts from speech by John Cummings President National Retail Grocers Assoc on impact of big supermarkets on small shops.. 09Oct08
A Current Affair Woolies War video news clip of channel nine filming our campaign at council chambers 28Apr08
Alan Jones on Wws rort Radio announcer speaks up
Alan Jones Pacific brands Pacific Brands core problem is the Woolworths effect. Big outfits like Woolworths and Coles use anti-competitive practices which are unlawful in ma 04Mar09
Closing the Doors on Wal-Mart A California Community Coalition Took on Wal-Mart—and Won
Dept Plannings Approval Reasons for the approval of Woolworths in Mullum from Dept Planning 31Jan09
Erskineville objects to Wws the community dont want Woolworths
Farmaorguk 21 Reasons to support local food.
Food miles Global food at Wws and questionable profit margins
Int Soc Ecology & Culture Promoting locally based alternatives to the global consumer culture
John Cummings speech The negative effect of Woolworths/Coles market dominance.
kids lured by Wws pokies Wws enticing next generation of gamblers with kids meals & play equipment: Costello/Zenophon 26Apr09
Maleny Voice Our sister town in Queensland who ignited the Maleny Torch which is now carried by all corporate dissenters. 01Feb09
MARIN ORGANIC Marin Organic is a bold new concept for preserving farmland and farming as a way of life in our region focused on environmental soundness and economic 23Dec08
mullaction blogspot Mullumaction blog and news updates andviewer comments
Pigs will fly Community Blog: Locals take on Coles
product shrinkage Twisties example of diminished product exposes Woolworths policy of charging 4% to suppliers for putting goods on shelves: Alan Jones 21May09
Sustain Alliance UK Local food benefits obstacles & opportunities
The future of food video The future of food video
The power of Community DVD on how cuba survived peak oil
the real Good Life Entire village turns against supermarkets and grows its own food.
Timber Union challenges Wws Its important for us to be seen to be doing the right thing Wws CEO 10Oct08
Transition Towns Sustainability site
WalMart slipping 45 new stores abandoned in 10 months - 19 were killed by citizens groups
Why Wws should say sorry Alan Jones lists some misdeeds
woolworths and pokies ABC news item
woolworths and pokies from the Adelaide news
Woolworths Mullum Approval Assessment by Dept Planning 31Jan09
Woolworths profits Profits up & credit card partnership with Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corp
Woolworths profits yet again Beyond belief in this financial climate says Alan Jones about the Woolworths recent profits. 21May09
Ws benefits in NT intervention NT interventions: voucher system replacing cash means locals have to shop at Wws & Target - undermining local economy 28Apr08
Wws acquire Macro Wholefoods More creeping acquisitions now in the wholefood/organic sector: 24Jun09
Wws in Mittagong Wws and the killing fields
Wws pigmeat & maggots Poor pig with maggots infested in wound ... This farmer supplies pigmeat to Woolworths. 21May09
Wws predatory pricing How can small business compete with this?
Wws products cheaper in NZ Craig Kelly goes to NZ to compare Wws prices 23Jun09

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