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21: Wal-Mart In Woolies Clothing: The Tactics Of Expansion By David Maslow

Wal-Mart In Woolies Clothing: The Tactics Of Expansion By David MaslowAn article last month's Echo, (February 19) mentioned how Woolworths appears to be patterning its operating procedures on America’s infamous WalMart retail giant. I have just returned from spending many years in the US as a property analyst. My work included shoppi...
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Posted: 19Apr2008 23:24   Similar items

22: Big Two Supermarket Chains 'do Over' Little Guys

In a speech to the National Press Club, John Cummings, chairman of the National Association of Retail Grocers, launched an attack on Woolworths and Coles. He accused them of having no interest in competition, of using their power to deny would-be competitors prime retai...
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Posted: 15Apr2008 23:22   Similar items

23: Why The 'Local Multiplier Effect' Always Counts

The term 'local multiplier effect,' coined by John Keynes, refers to how many times dollars are recirculated within a local economy before leaving through purchase of an import. World Prout Assembly supports the local recirculation of money as it boosts local ...
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Posted: 31Mar2008 21:30   Similar items

24: Why Protest Against Woolworths??

We want to alert people across Australia about what is happening here in Mullumbimby, as the same thing could happen in their own town. We are in a growing line of communities that have protested against Woolworths development, including Griffith, Sandgate (Brisbane), L...
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Posted: 28Mar2008 09:57   Similar items

25: Why We Don't Want Woolworths By Mark Cochrane

The railway site proposed for the new supermarket is patently unsuitable as it sits in the middle of a residential area; established homes in quiet streets. The impact of a supermarket with delivery trucks, large volumes of car traffic, night security lighting, noise fr...
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Posted: 22Mar2008 15:32   Similar items

26: The One Eyed Woolly Giant (A Modern Fairy Tale)

Not that long ago a new threatened species was declared. A comedian from Gondwanaland was the first to make this discovery and declare it globally. ‘Vibe’ she announced from her hallowed Soap Box, was under threat. ...
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Posted: 1Mar2008 10:47   Similar items

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