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Tallowood Estate Development: Submission Forms and Information

Tallowood Estate Development: Submission Forms and Information

Protesters at the gate to the proposed Tallowood development in Mullumbimby

Tallowood Ridge, a staged subdivison is proposed for Mullumbimby. The development has been documented to have from 240 - 400 lots. Sewerage management, traffic, noise, visual amenity, water management, flora and fauna and community issues need to be outlined for the whole site in a master plan. Until the entire development is fully disclosed we all are exposed to the serious impacts of poor planning.

Submission due this Friday 28/8/09. Use the Text tool (T) to cut and paste the example submission into and email, add the date and your name and address and email to council. Notes are attached seperately to understand more about this development or write your own submission.

Example Submision

Example notes



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