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Originally published 03May2008


Newsletter No 3


Hi Folks
Greetings - this has been a big week for calls for the people to speak up. NSW State Gov appears to be attempting to hand over local councils, state electricity, even Mullum's retail sector into the hands of Big Business (see "Keep it Local" below). The only way to counter corporate control of our state (read fascism), our town, our community is to speak up.
Wws HOT NEWS: Woolworths have put in Section 96 Changes to their DA into State Planning NSW (Minister Sartor's office).

Byron Shire Council is awaiting details and Ray Darney (Chief Planning) has assured us of a public meeting, an exhibition in Council Chambers, and at least 2 weeks submission period advertised in the local papers. We will keep you posted as soon as we hear anything….form letters and information leaflets are being formulated. This is our Big Chance (and only one) to speak up about Woolworths in our town!


Yesterday John Kaye (NSW Greens) spoke passionately about the NSW State Gov's bid to privatize our electricity – they want to sell off OUR assets and let the corporate boardrooms decide on the future of electricity generation and therefore climate change – we will have no say. While we can still speak up – go to he has a YouTube clip.


I have to find $1200 which means I'll have to get a job! I have been working full-time on this campaign for 3 months, and frankly I haven't got time for a job! If you can help with a donation (however humble) my account is BSB: 062665 A/C: 10052079 Commonwealth Bank.


We had a call from a town planner from Armidale: when Woolworths wanted to build a big supermarket outside town, potentially killing it's heart by attracting shoppers to their one-stop shop; diminishing pedestrian traffic, therefore shopping in the town - as has happened all over the country - the people of Armidale spoke up. The Wws DA was approved and "in the bag" but the local people applied pressure; Wws relented, and built the supermarket in the town centre instead.


John Waterhouse of Mallams said Wws have a contingency plan to open where Mallam's is now. That might be a solution, at least it would be better than them building the big box in residential Station Street. You can speak up to the Woolworths Directors (below) and tell them what YOU want!
Peggy Balfour advises that sending a letter in a brightly coloured envelope, marked "Private and Confidential" is most likely to reach its destination. From the ASX website details as follows:

Internet Address
Registered Office Address
1 Woolworths Way , BELLA VISTA , NSW, AUSTRALIA, 2153
Head Office Telephone
(02) 8885 0000
Head Office Fax
(02) 8888 1029

Directors / Senior Management
Mr James A Strong (Chairman, Non Exec. Director)
Mr Michael Gerard Luscombe (Managing Director, CEO)
Mr Tom Pockett (Director, Finance Director)
Mr Ian MacFarlane (Director)
Ms Alison Watkins (Director)
Ms Diane J Grady (Non Exec. Director)
Mr Leon M L'Huillier (Non Exec. Director)
Dr Roderick Deane (Non Exec. Director)
Mr John Astbury (Non Exec. Director)
Mr Peter J Horton (General Counsel)


We had some brilliant entries, and these were the winners. Email me via website if you want the whole list. We are looking for funds to print these up on bumper stickers, teeshirts and badges – if you have a preference for sponsoring a particular slogan in a particular way, please specify. Call 6684 1415.

First prize, a $150 voucher from Santos Trading, went to Gary Street for:
Mullum: We Want Small Traders—Not Corporate Invaders. No Woolworths!
Mullum: We Are Not Fresh-Fooled People. Think Logically. Shop Locally.

Second prize, a $70 naturopathic consultation with iridology and hemaview from Lotions and Potions, went to Allison Howell for:
Keep Our Mullum Culture: Stop the Woolworths Vulture

Third prize, a $45 voucher from Eden's Landing, went to Ange Keenan for:
Woolies, I Don't Buy It.
And fourth prize, a $30 voucher from Sushi Wala, went to Olive McLeod for:
Mullumbimby, Charming and Quaint. Woolworths Ain't.



campaign run by the Local Government and Shires Associations advise us as follows… their webpage is EASY TO FOLLOW!

> The NSW Government is introducing new State pro-Developer Laws that are
> tipping the balance away from local communities towards developers. The laws
> will not only drastically reduce funding for services like libraries, parks
> and playgrounds but also take away your right to have a say in local
> developments that affect you.
> The new laws haven't been approved so NOW is the time to tell your local MP
> that local voices matter and you value high quality services.
> Help tip the balance back in favour of local communities by emailing your
> local MP here
> Thanks for standing up (speaking up) for local communities!



Following is a link to from SBS "Insight" programme. Try clicking on this and allow a few seconds (hopefully our new weblinking is working, if not go to and search the following:
GM Foods in Australia Let Loose on Consumers Without Labeling
Time to get political again! SPEAK UP!


Small business welcomes predatory pricing crackdown:


Rudd to rein in business bullies April 28, 2008

BIG businesses that slash prices to destroy smaller rivals will be targeted under new laws to be unveiled by the Rudd Government today.
Under the proposed amendments to the Trade Practices Act, the Government will defend small business from so-called "predatory" pricing and give it a permanent voice inside the competition watchdog, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. ..,601-23607968,00.html


A reader questioned the figures quoted last week of Indian farmers committing suicide. I got this information from an article featuring Vandana Shiva in New Internationalist magazine http://http://http://http://http://http://http://http://http://http://http://http://( April edition p29. "In the past decade, 200,000 farmers have committed suicide in India and- according to the celebrated environmental thinker and activist – this is a direct result of agricultural modernization, including the introduction of genetically modified crops" The link and last week's newsletter is on our blogspot
I had three responses to last week's Freecycle item and they are alive and well in Byron Bay. A fab way to get rid of unwanted stuff.

The Generator (local radio is starting a section on Local Food Action which will actively support people with local food projects. We are particularly interested in supporting people who want to:
process food in season that otherwise gets thrown out (eg citrus in Winter, when you literally cannot give it away)
help maintain gardens for old people who's family has grown up in exchange for some produce
lend unused (or underused) land to community projects
farm staple foods (eg rice, sweet potatoes, corn and other subtropical crops)
develop community supported agriculture projects

Giovanni Ebono
Ebono Institute
0402 779 375
+61 2 6684 6202
DIRECT ACTION: Will anyone interested in direct action in the coming fortnight please contact Giovanni.



(message from Techa Beaumont) MPI the charitable org I work for is looking for volunteers with a range of skills to assist with research campaigning and IT/admin support on a range of environmental, human rights and social justice issues to do with the mineral sector. If you can think of anyone who may be looking for an interesting and rewarding volunteer activity, or want to gain experience in NGO/environmental and human rights campaigning please let me know / pass on my details. Our website is for background on the issues we work on. My contacts are and 0409318 406 or hm 66884608


Another rural village is threatened with a corporate invader:
Canungra .....
is NOT a shopping centre with a 300 space car park (proposed supermarket : 4 times bigger than FoodWorks)
wants to remain a rural village (WOSP - see attachment)
our future is our hands (Your voice represented by our Councillors and your submissions)

for Canungra's future ..... please attend ...... Submissions close 12th May:
The Chief Executive Officer, Scenic Rim Regional Council, PO Box 25, Beaudesert Qld 4285

On Thursday 24th April CADA held a public meeting to hear local opinion on a proposed development application by "Canungra Commercial Pty Ltd" (LASCORP Development Group (Aust) Pty Ltd) at Christie Street and Finch Road, Canungra (Council Reference No: 020-030-001991): A major chain SUPERMARKET (2,650 m2) with 300 CAR PARK spaces, SHOPS (1700m2) and relocated bowling club with 21 car park spaces. Over 40 local residents from various areas around Canungra, as well as shop owners, attended to voice their concerns:

ANU Digital Arts student is making movie about Mullum CAN: see article in N Star

Video On Demand: "Dirty, Sexy Money"

Sarah Ferguson looks at how politics can be poisoned when donors are seen as buying access and partiality from decision-makers. If you missed the Four Corners prog, here it is


the movie, premiering this Sat 3rd May 7 pm at Byron cinemas $12.50 fundraiser for Australian Seabird Rescue based in Ballina. Full details:
PS A copy of this newsletter will be on

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