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Originally published 23Jun2008



SHARON"S STATELINE MOVIE: We were advised by Stateline last week that they were going to show Sharon Shostak"s short movie, but it didn"t go to air as planned. It may be on this week. Apolgies to those who rearranged their plans to view this.

WWS NEW PLANS: We heard from Wws that they are working on new changes to S96, taking into account our suggestions. I followed this up with the Dept Planning and Byron Shire Council, both of whom had unforthcoming about information regarding changes. Their replies were as follows:

DoP: "The applicant has recently advised the Department that they intend to submit amended plans next week. A decision on whether the amendments will be publicly exhibited will be reserved until the Department is in receipt of the information."

BSC: "We are asking the DoP to renotify the amendment to Sec 96 primarily due to the on site issue. I doubt whether with such a large development that the changes that I have observed would lead to a new DA but certainly it should be renotified"

In conclusion, DOP will decide whether or not to "go public" with the new plans (called "amendment") which BSC are requesting. Basically Wws are changing the goal posts, ie the plans are now different to the S96 application about which we made submissions. Section 96 requires that the plans are "substantially the same" as the approved DA. I have asked Ray Darney what the criteria is in determining whether the plans are "substantially the same" to the original DA, and I await his reply.

If Wws want to build Stage 2 straight away (approval was only given for Stage 1) there is not enough space for on-site sewage works.

LETTER TO MORRIS IEMMA, NSW PREMIER, is on our website and explains the situation more. It requests him to review the S96 and ask Sartor to reject it. Click on "documents" – or "read more" next to Iemma"s pic.

MCAN CARNIVAL: We are still considering this for sometime in August – alternatively a ball at the new Civic Centre, or a demonstration. Let us know your ideas/preferences/enthusiasms. August 2/3 is the same weekend as Splendour and we think a later date would be better.


GET UP RURAL SURVEY: The survey lists a number of issues drawn from the GetUp Ideas Forum and the Australia 2020 Summit - they'd love to hear which of these issues are most important to you! They also want to learn more about rural and regional members and how best you can participate in future GetUp campaigns.

NEW LOOK WOOLIES CALLED "THOMAS DUX GROCER" in Lane Cove – looks like a chic deli – shop assistants wear black, they have chalk boards and wooden boxes for the fruit. They are not promoting this on their website, but we know it"s them
3; the local papers were on to it, also or Next Dux will be in Paddington. The local Greek deli in Lane Cove has now gone out of business. By the way, have you heard Wws gospel song "Woa-oh The Fresh Food People Yeah" (ring their number and ask for the manager, you will hear it while you wait).

SARTOR"S PLANNING LAWS Scrape through the Upper House
(media release from Sylvia Hale)

Planning Minister Frank Sartor"s controversial planning laws passed through the Upper House of parliament tonight by 1 vote after the two Christian Democrat MPs split. Fred Nile voted with the government in support of the new laws while Gordon Moyes voted with the Greens and the Opposition against the Bill. The two Shooters Party MPs voted with the government.

Greens MP and Planning spokesperson Sylvia Hale said the vote was very disappointing given the widespread community concern about the Bill.

"This Bill has been driven by the development industry from day one. It is the government"s reward to big developers for all the money they poured into the NSW ALP"s campaign coffers before the last election," said Ms Hale.

"The Bill will damage the state"s environment and heritage. It will remove the rights of residents to have a say about the way their neighbourhoods develop. It will lead to increased disputes between neighbours and it will open the door for an even greater level of corruption in what is already a corrupt planning system."

"The fact that the government has responded to the Wollongong Council scandal and the public disgust at favourable development decisions for big political donors by entrenching and extending conflicts of interest is a disgrace," said Ms Hale.

The Greens moved 94 amendments to the Bill aimed at maintaining existing environmental and heritage protections, removing conflicts of interest and restoring appeal rights. All of the Greens amendments were defeated after the Opposition joined the Government in opposing them.

Ode to Mullumbimby - by - Magenta Appel-Pye

In Mullumbimby we pride ourselves on being a unique little town,
Our heritage business centre the jewel in our crown
With friendly shopkeepers who know us by name
We like the fact that none are the same.
Our locally grown fresh food in all its diversity
Shits on genetically modified perversity.

How Woolworths got their D.A. through verges on criminal
Their architectural sensitivity is less than minimal.
They want to be the "one stop shop"
They don"t care if local businesses flop
This rampant greed has got to stop!
Their representatives were totally condescending
Their lies and tricks seem never-ending.
Already they want more and bigger
How they get away with it one can only figure.

This spotlights that the "family store" Woolies
Are really "get want we want" corporate bullies!
When big business practices are unsustainable
Our climate change goals are unattainable.

A selfish person stops live music in the hills
Our happy healthy rituals he willingly kills
Ban music, dancing and drumming and there goes our culture
Further eroded by the predatory Woo lies vulture.

Mullumbimby could be a shining light
Of healthy communities getting it right
A community garden, heritage areas and businesses diverse
Makes one want to visit and open one"s purse.
But when our rights are taken away and its only about money
We lose our sense of community and that"s not funny
I hope we can beat them and community good prevails
For our lovely Mullumbimby, the biggest little town in N.S.W.

Contact Deborah 66843723 if you want to get more involved with MCAN.
for Mullum.

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