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Originally published 27Aug2008


Newsletter 20: 4 corners - 1st Sept

ABC 4 CORNERS this Monday, 1 September, features enquiry into the big box supermarket and will show footage of our demo held 12 July. If you miss the programme, you can see it online at

NATIONAL WOTTING DAY last week was carried out in dozens of Wws supermarkets around the country. Wot is it? Outlined in,23739,17395086-3102,00.html... " As well as the majority of residents boycotting the new store, there would be "wotters" lining up to fill their trolleys with goods and then abandoning them in the aisles. The term "wotting" comes from Woolworths Operation Trolleys and is a practice encouraged by anti-Woolworths demonstrators who see it as a way of expressing their opposition to the Maleny store."

ENVIRONMENT DEFENDERS OFFICE is presenting a series of free talks (ca.
30 - 45 mins. long) on Human Rights and the Environment on the last Fridays
of the month at the Byron Community Centre Verandah Room (first floor), with
drinks and nibbles from 6 for 6.30pm, followed by questions.

Friday 29 August: SANITATION, with Ben Fawcett, ex-Southampton University
Friday 26 September: MINING, with Techa Beaumont, Mineral Policy Institute
Friday 31 October: WATER, with Ilona Millar, Baker and McKenzie
Friday 28 November: CHEMICALS, with Dr. Mariann Lloyd-Smith, National Toxics

Although they are often thought of as two distinct realms, many human rights
depend on environmental protection, and vice-versa. Come and hear local and
visiting experts talk about the interdependence of the social and natural
worlds, with a focus on international issues and initiatives.
For more information call Mark Byrne, Education Officer, EDO Northern
Rivers, on 6622 8470 or email


1. Earth Spirit Action film now on YouTube -
2. Forest and Climate Change Action Forums - September 5-7th Lismore, Byron Bay & Mullumbimby
3. Upcoming Youth Bicycle Tours (see below)

1. If you haven't seen Earth Spirit Action, produced and directed by Ruth Rosenhek, you can view it now (16 mins) online at The film features Starhawk, Vandana Shiva, Ruth Rosenhek, John Seed and Matthew Fox speaking on Deep Ecology, Living Democracy and Revolution in Consciousness in a fast moving discussion of the type of change that needs to take place for a Sustainable Future. An inspirational and stimulating film including beautiful nature footage and a colourful array of global action shots.


2. Get the facts on Australia's carbon bank! 3 Forest and Climate Change Action Forums

Friday 5th Sept, 7pm - 9pm - Byron Bay
Railway park, next to Byron Bay Environment Centre's rotunda.

Saturday 6th Sept, 10am -2pm - Mullumbimby
Heart Space, Santos Centre, 51 -53 Burringbar st.

Sunday 7th September, 5-6PM Upstairs at Winsome Hotel, Lismore

Costs: Free Entry
Organised by: The Wilderness Society

The Australian National University recently released a report called Green
Carbon. This exciting new science shows that Australia's forests store huge
amounts of carbon, and they help reduce climate change. The research shows
that Australia's forests store at least three times more carbon than we
previously thought. On top of that, logging our forests releases dangerous
CO2 into the atmosphere, shrinking the size of the carbon bank and making
climate change worse.

Gemma Tillack from The Wilderness Society will be presenting an exciting
powerpoint about the Green Carbon report and will lead a session about how
local groups and individuals can contribute to the campaign.

For more information contact Gemma from The Wilderness Society on 0427 057
643 or email


3. The Otesha Project (Aus.) is making massive preparations for it's two upcoming bicycle tours in NSW and Victoria to educate youth and raise awareness about environmental sustainability and social justice issues. The Otesha crew combines theatre performances with interactive workshops to empower high school students to consider different life choices. With much success they have been able to fill the NSW tour with 20 enthusiastic individuals from all walks of life. Come live in a roving community to educate youth about sustainable consumption from January 18th to March 1st, 2009 while "being the change you want to see in the world." Spots on tour are quickly filling up so get your application in at before the September 19, 2008 deadline!

MULLUMBIMBY UPDATE: We still await news of the last S96 Amendments to Wws plans from who will be making recommendations to Minister Sartor. Sending her a message to show her you care will help us achieve our goal to stop Wws coming to Mullumbimby.

keep up the pressure!

MESSAGE FROM MALENY: As part of the ongoing resistance to woolworths Maleny, Reply paid feedback forms (available at any woolworths store) are regularly completed and mailed.... with ww paying the postage. Thousands of these forms have been sent in past couple of years.... We have no idea who the perpetrators are but perhaps persons unknown in your area may wish to join in. Apparently it is driving them wild.

WWS CREDIT CARD LAUNCHED which will collect data on customers shopping habits Creation of this card is a Wws partnership with the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) described on Wikipedia as "the most profitable bank in the world" Info about HSBC predatory lending has been removed from Wiki, although have plenty of horror stories about this financial institution, including the credit card interest rate being increased to 50% in India.

WWS SUSTAINABILITY IS SPIN DEEP exposure on about Wws connection with APP (Asia Pulp and Paper) allegedly the worst offenders re: environment and treatment of indigenous inhabitants.

LETTER TO IEMMA – This month"s edition is on our website (download and send). I heard on the news today that the Premier may be reshuffling the position of Minister for Planning! Maintain the rage!!


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