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Originally published 17Sep2008


News 21: Spring Equinox Ceremony


CURRENT SITUATION: is still working on her report which she will give to the Minister of Planning. Wws have supplied DoP with ‘new information", but apparently have not changed the plans for the sewage. Kristina Kerscher Keneally has taken the place of Frank Sartor as Minister ( Seems like the S96 decision on Wws plans will be weeks or months away.

EQUINOX RITUAL – Monday 21 September 4 pm – meet Apex Park Mullumbimby.
The *INTENTION* of the ritual is to come together in unity to celebrate the Spring Equinox; the time of balance between day and night, light and dark, Woolworths or no Woolworths; to celebrate the fact that anything is possible; to celebrate this ground that is still moist and green by planting a seed, a tree, a wish or a sacred object. The Equinox is traditionally a time for ceremony, celebrating renewal of nature, root growth and sap-rising and is timely for formal renewal of our desires for Mullumbimby.

Everybody welcome: bring something to plant (mulberry and frangipani branches strike easily - avoid invasives) or sprinkle seeds from spent flowerheads. Children could dress as a native animal or bird. If poss, bring some wood for the fire & sparklers.

INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PEACE – Sun 21 Sept – Byron: special market and events at Butler St all day. "The Burning Season" will be screened at Byron Bay Community Centre followed by Forum 7 pm "Peace, Climate Change and You" – fab speakers (call 66857789 for info). Film $10/5 incl Forum (Forum only by donation).

ABC 4CORNERS HIGHLIGHTS: on movie channel or watch whole programme
Will Wws be the death of the local food industry? This and other snippets from the 4 corners programme:
Farm Gate to Supermarket Transparency

THE OTESHA PROJECT (Aus.) is making massive preparations for it's two upcoming bicycle tours in NSW and Victoria to educate youth and raise awareness about environmental sustainability and social justice issues. The Otesha crew combines theatre performances with interactive workshops to empower high school students to consider different life choices. With much success they have been able to fill the NSW tour with 20 enthusiastic individuals from all walks of life. Come live in a roving community to educate youth about sustainable consumption from January 18th to March 1st, 2009 while "being the change you want to see in the world." Spots on tour are quickly filling up so get your application in at before the September 19, 2008 deadline!

EARTH SPIRIT ACTION (16 mins) inspirational on-line movie – produced and directed by Ruth Rosenhek of Rainforest Info Centre, Lismore. View: The film features Starhawk, Vandana Shiva, Ruth Rosenhek, John Seed and Matthew Fox speaking on Deep Ecology, Living Democracy and Revolution in Consciousness in a fast moving discussion of the type of change that needs to take place for a Sustainable Future. An inspirational and stimulating film including beautiful nature footage and a colourful array of global action shots.

Tibet"s Cry for Freedom – new movie made by South Australian film-maker Lara Damiani

New Internationalist (inspiring publication for activists) e-news:

If I have a belief that I can do it,
I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it;
even if I have not had that belief in the beginning.
- Mahatma Gandhi -

See you Monday.

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