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Originally published 25Aug2009



WOOLWORTHS PROPOSAL FOR MULLUM - UPDATE: We are awaiting notification of date for Land & Environment Court when Wws will be challenging Byron Shire Council"s decision to refuse their sewer-on-a-bog. BSC have declared they will vigorously defend their refusal.

TALLOWOOD RIDGE ESTATE: This Friday 28th August, submissions are due for Stage 1 of a new development at the end of Tuckeroo Avenue (off Left Bank Road) reaching right up to Clays Road (off Main Arm Road). A sample submission letter is on our website and click on ‘Documents" or DA no: 10.2009.314.1 and a large file is at the Council Chambers, Mullumbimby, for viewing. It states the overall development will be approximately 240 residential allotments, however Mr Eric Freeman, the developer, has been heard to say 400 lots. No Master Plan has been made available. Extract from the submission letter which you can copy and paste for Byron Shire Council, and which is available on our site is:

"No determination can be made without a Master Plan when the Lots (Lot 2 DP 785041 and Lot 170 & 171 DP 720414) have issues relating to traffic, intersection upgrades, flood mitigation, flood free access, sewerage, open space, storm water run off, bush fire risk, threatened species habitat, impacts on koalas, developer contributions, and regionally significant farmland".

Mr Freeman has said he will put up a website at in the next few days and is willing to open a dialogue with community and respond to concerns, complaints and suggestions.

Meanwhile, until we see the Master Plan, we request support from community to send an objection to councillors. We look forward to Mr Freeman"s future participation with community concerns about this suburb. My question is how will he deal with dramatically lowered energy availability and build a community that is resilient against oil shocks, food shocks, water shocks, flood shocks and one that encourages people to care for each other as well as the earth?

THE END OF SUBURBIA: 52 minute documentary. Interesting concepts include "New Urbanism"; eco-friendly urban planning.

THE AGE OF STUPID trailer is available on Youtube 1.50 mins (google). The movie is coming soon. It"s the latest on climate change. We have just over 3 months till the

Temp today in Lismore was 34 degrees, and hot as hell in Mullum. Can anyone give me a good Aussie website that informs about how to lobby pollies re: Copenhagen?? I found this one where you can make an International Pledge (I signed it and am no. 70 – gosh, I"m concerned about the apparent lack of global concern:

YESTERDAYS FUTURE is in 4 parts each about 9 mins long, and is a compilation of excerpts from 6 climate change movies. Interesting too. 104 days to go till Copenhagen Summit which is our last chance to turn the ship. Help!!!

QUOTE: "Unless we avert climate chaos by drastically reducing our carbon footprint this century, humanity is on a collective suicide mission. While our climate says we should change, peak oil says we have to
3;." From The Power Down Show: Episode 8 -Energy Descent Pathways which you can see on


After writing this last night I went for a walk and saw an enormous bushfire up on Koonyum Range. I was terrified and worked till almost dawn clearing up around my house.


REPCO RALLY: Demo on the last day Sun 6 September at Kingscliffe 4.45 pm There will be live worldwide TV coverage and protesters are asked to wear white to show support for democracy and bring placards, banners and drums. See for more details.

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