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Originally published 15Sep2009



Woolworths –v-Byron Shire Council in Land & Environment Court 28-30 September, Ballina. Woolworths are challenging Council"s refusal of their illegal on-site sewer-on-a-bog. Please keep Monday morning 28TH free to greet the Judge when he or she visits Mullumbimby. Let"s give her/him a warm Byron Shire welcome. More info nearer the time.

STATELINE CLIP – this Friday night, hopefully – will be an update on the Woolworths issue.

NEWPORT (SYDNEY) FIGHTS WOOLWORTHS – Rally to be held on 27 September – see for more details.

RAILWAY LAND GRAB – Our local lines hang in the balance here. The Rees State Gov is proposing legislation enabling the rip up of railway lines and undo the current protection of railway lines which has been in place for over a century. See SMH article of 14.9.09 if you miss this and want a copy I can forward a transcript to you. To take part in the debate: and more info at You can send a message to Nathan Rees at

CLIMATE CHANGE What to do? Check out the 350 movement at or see ABC Fora programme when one of the founders; author Bill McKibben, gave an informative and amusing talk at It"s over an hour
and there are shorter ones on Youtube: google McKibben 350

CLIMATE CHANGE ART COMPETITION FOR SCHOOLS in conjunction with International Action Day on Sat 24 October, two local climate action groups Ballina and Mullumbimby are holding an art competition. Please see details on or ring Sue on 66860602 in Ballina, for Byron ring Tracey 66871056 or email


DILIGENT male home builder, works hard from dawn till dusk and has good strong legs; free to a good home. Please come and get him – his name is bush turkey. Available now from Left Bank Road. Reward offered, even. Or suggestions invited, even.

LOCALWASHING: We"ve heard of greenwashing, now get this

"MANY BALLOONS FOR JAI" – Jenni Cargill-Strong"s message sets the record straight at dated Monday 7 September.

RALLY FOR A NUCLEAR FREE FUTURE calling for no more WMDs in Railway Park, Byron Bay, or anywhere else for that matter: Sat Sept 19th. Enquiries Margeaux 66858382

GOOD NEWS! After hearing great interview on The Generator (Bay FM Mon 9 am) with Geoff Lawton Permaculturist, I checked out Geoff"s site see video for the

PERMACULTURE MASTER PLAN to link up from country to country.
This is positive globalisation.

Also "Path to Freedom" on Youtube - inspiring little movie about an urban garden
See what can be done in the desert: Geoff"s Food Forest in the Desert

PEOPLE POWER COALITION is a network of around 30 groups in NSW who are not happy with the way the State Government is operating (otherwise known as RAID: Residents Against Inappropriate Development). If anyone is willing to receive amazing politically-savvy emails from this group for a couple of months while I work on my degree, please contact Deb 66843723.

CODEX ALIMENTARIUS: Feds this time, interfering with our freedom to choose natural medicine.


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