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Originally published 27Sep2009


Mullumbimby DEMO tomorrow (Mon) 9am

Just a reminder about the upcoming court case tomorrow: Woolworths-v-Byron Shire Council. This is the culmination of nearly 2 years of campaigning. The judge will decide whether Wws build their poopermarket now, or wait like everybody else for the new Mullum sewage treatment plant (STP) to come online.

We have not seen the latest plans for the Wws onsite sewage system.

Garry, Duncan and Deb of MCAN are expected to tell the judge tomorrow, at the site inspection in Station Street, why we object to the onsite sewage system, and we haven't seen the latest proposals! On Friday night we were sent 24 pages of "preliminary" plans, so by tomorrow they could be all different. If anyone wants to wade through the 24 pages of "preliminary" nonsense which they propose, please contact us through the website.

There may be a chance for you to tell the judge what you think about Woolworths proposal tomorrow. The case is about the s68 sewage application, but there is no reason why he shouldn't hear general comments. It depends on whether the judge invites the community members to speak.

Its really important we win this case because Wws have asked the court that we pay their legal costs. Isn't that outrageous? They propose a shonky sewage system and then when its refused they take us to court and expect us to pay!!

THE LATEST: they want to put pool fences around the irrigation areas, instead of buffer zones. There will be signs everywhere. They will be using recycled effluent in the womens toilets and drinking water in the men's urinals. They expect the staff in the shop to oversee the management of the sewage system which is so complex it seems like a nuclear power plant. Staff will have to receive special training in water use minimisation and what to look for when the sewage system malfunctions.

If you want to give feedback to Woolworths, go to their website or leave a message to Wws CEO in the bottom of your trolley. Of course we wouldn't recommend the following

DIRECT ACTION: WOTTING (Wws Operation Trolley) as outlined in,23739,17395086-3102,00.html... " As well as the majority of residents boycotting the new store, there would be "wotters" lining up to fill their trolleys with goods and then abandoning them in the aisles. The term "wotting" comes from Woolworths Operation Trolleys and is a practice encouraged by anti-Woolworths demonstrators who see it as a way of expressing their opposition to the Maleny store."

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