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Originally published 13Oct2009


WORLD 350 DAY - Sat 24 Oct

3 5 0 p p m HAVE YOU HEARD OF THIS???
350 ppm is the amount (parts per million) of greenhouse gasses that we can tolerate on earth before radical things happen like loosing the Gt Barrier Reef, Greenland melting, etc.

You are invited to attend

an event which will be held in Missingham Park Ballina and in many locations around the world on Saturday 24th October to highlight awareness of the urgency of the need to reduce current PPM.
There will be music, food, a painting competition, displays, contests, talks from interesting speakers, and most of all a chance to make a difference and help raise awareness with our politicians and others in lead up to climate talks in Copenhagen in December. At 12 noon on the day we will form a human 350 message. This and world-wide activities will be captured live on webcam.
Special bus for the occasion running from Ocean Shores via Mullum, Byron and Bangalow. Ring Peter Wadams 66805007 for details. and

A highlight of the day will be judging of the ‘local sustainable solutions" art competition local youth have been invited to enter. An expert panel will judge the artworks - with four prizes being awarded. After the Fair the range of artworks submitted will be on display in Ballina for one week and then, the following week, in Byron Council Chambers. Sponsorship & offers of support are invited.

OR: DO YOUR OWN 350 THING: for details. A farmer in NZ will pile up 350 pumpkins; 350 Sydney surfers will paddle out; what"s your idea??

THE COAL LOBBY is running an advertising campaign. If you"re unable to be active in upcoming climate change initiatives, please donate to

SUMATRAN EARTHQUAKE FUNDRAISING/CULTURAL EVENT – Byron Community Centre - Saturday 17th October from 10am with a fundraising garage sale, Indonesian and World Music and dance, Indonesian Traditional Costume Fashion Parade, Raffle, Indonesian food and much more Entry is $5 donation. Proceeds will be given to World Vision Australia Terima kasih banyak (thank you very much). Please bring donations for the garage sale to the Byron Community Centre from 9am or contact: 66858904

SBS INSIGHT recent prog with Paul Madeiros from Edens Landing:

APPLE SUING WOOLWORTHS for copying their logo

ARTICLES Found at ABC online (below). We have been getting good mileage – thanks to everyone for support and especially to Mandy Nolan for her lovely "Soapbox" item in the Echo this week: (p21 issue 13 October) – also Jennifer Wright from Maleny for her letter this week (p12) re: Woolies ‘jobs"- she advises Mallams employees to "Get it in writing, my friends!" Its great to hear from other campaigners - how is the Newport –v-Woolworths campaign going? Please send us an update, Newport.

Protest groups face off in Mullumbimby
There was a stand-off on the streets of Mullumbimby today. . - 22k - [ html ]

Woolworths accused of stalling appeal
Opponents of a Woolworths supermarket in Mullumbimby say the grocery giant is using stalling tactics in its appeal to the New South Wales Land and Environment Court. . - 21k - [ html ]
(Duncan in this interview said "eternally" and they wrote "externally").

Woolies 'dragging its feet' on pokies
Independent Senator Nick Xenophon says Woolworths is dragging its feet when it comes to minimising problem gambling at its poker machines. .
Tags: community-and-society community-and-society gambling australia - 21k - [ html ] - 28 Sep 2009 - 1 week ago –
Woolworths profit defies downturn

The country's biggest retailer, Woolworths, announced today that its net profit for this year rose nearly 13 per cent to just over $1.8 billion. . - 26k - [ html ]

'No-frills mobile' sparks competition concerns
Competition experts say a partnership between Woolworths and Optus to market a new budget mobile phone is a concern for the supermarket giant's competitors. . - 25k - [ html ]

"CONTROLLING CORRUPTION" Interesting ABC Radio prog – you can listen online:

And in the same vein: from Arundhati Roy"s book "Power Politics" 2001
"We will be forced to ask ourselves some very uncomfortable questions about our values and traditions, our vision for the future, our responsibilities as citizens, the legitimacy of our "democratic institutions", the role of the state, the police, the army, the judiciary and the intellectual community".

Yours truly!

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