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Originally published 26Oct2009


An invitation from Deborah Lilly


A Short Introduction
(Or: How I Found My Activist"s Voice)

Thurs 29 October 5.30 pm

The Mayor"s Room, above Neighbourhood Centre
Dalley Street, Mullumbimby

I will be giving a presentation about Gestalt Therapy to close and sum up my learning over five years of study for a Masters Degree. This is also a reflection of how I developed personally, found my activist"s voice as well as the gumption to co-ordinate the campaign to prevent corporate oppression in Mullumbimby.

The evening will also provide an introduction to Gestalt Therapy Group work – what the aims of a group are and the potential benefits of participating in a weekly Gestalt Therapy Group. I am organising some further meetings this year as "samplers" with the intention of forming a closed group for next year – either mixed or a women"s group. Please contact me if you"re interested and unable to come to this evening.

Deborah Lilly


Please RSVP as there is limited seating
Refreshments – By Donation

"The self, the hinge on which all psychotherapeutic approaches turn, is conceived in Gestalt Therapy as the capacity of the organism to make contact with its environment – spontaneously, deliberately and creatively. The function of the self is to contact the environment (called the "how" of human nature)". Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb.

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