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Originally published 30Jan2010


Mullum-Zine no: 72 L & E Court results

Newsletter 73

Greetings, gentle readers

It is with a heavy heart that I inform you that Commissioner Hussey of the Land and Environment Court, Sydney, has approved Woolworths sewer-on-a-bog. As I write this, the heavens have opened.

For me, it"s like a loved one has died – even though I was expecting it – it"s a shock.

Maleny mates have sent their condolences and shared their experience, which I found helpful. "A helluva lot of our mob were so shattered at losing that they dropped out and lost all interest. Some needed (and received) counselling. Others found therapeutic ways to fight on different fronts."

Different fronts are opening up right now in Mullumbimby – two new markets are soon to start, and The Transition Initiative is getting off the ground. TT films and info nights will be held in March.

This is a time for LOCALISATION more than ever before. Our community can either go down the gurgler or we can decide its worth paying for – that"s what it amounts to – Woolworths in Mullum will no doubt offer absurdly low prices until the competition has gone (its called predatory pricing) so if we want to stay local, we have to buy local and keep the money in the shire so the local people benefit.
(full details google "Local Multiplier Effect").

Land & Env court website will have the full details plus consent conditions next week on

Please contact me (via if you"d like to talk about this.

In solidarity

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