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Originally published 11May2010


bad news, good news & BUSH TELEGRAPH this Thurs

Greetings MCANics

First the bad news

WOOLWORTHS got the final go-ahead from Minister of Planning.
No doubt they will start building soon. MCAN"s primary goal was to stop Woolworths and although we have held them up for over a year (see green booklet presumptuously entitled "Woolworths in Mullumbimby" given out early in 2008 which stated that the store would be open by the end of 2009) we have been unable to stop them thanks to the support they have received from the Dept Planning and the Land & Environment Court, in contrast to Byron Shire Council"s assessments of the Woolworths plans.

However, MCAN"s second goal was to promote positive alternatives to the Woolworths-style retailing in Mullumbimby. Which leads us to

the good news

MULLUMBIMBY - NEW FARMERS MARKET up and running! It is a brilliant social hub providing just-picked delicious organic (mainly) foods, food products made from farmers market ingredients, take-home ravioli and curries, breadboards, pottery, sugar cane juice, local handpicked sundried coffee – get a flavour of the event with Byron Susie"s delightful clip (7 mins) at

THANKS especially to Judy MacDonald, David Piesse and all the other market committee members who have collaborated to make this happen – and the wonderful farmers, of course!

ABC RADIO NATIONAL: BUSH TELEGRAPH this THURS 13 MAY from 11am will feature an item on Mullumbimby. Participants include a Shearwater School"s Jan Roskott, Cr Simon Richardson and Deborah Lilly (talking about the Woolworths issue as well as the new Farmers Market).

QUOTE: Recognition of one's residence within a foodshed can confer a sense of connection and responsibility to a particular locality. The foodshed can provide a place for us to ground ourselves in the biological and social realities of living on the land and from the land in a place that we can call home, a place to which we are or can become native. (from

(A foodshed , like a watershed, is the flow of food from the area its grown to the place where its consumed; also a way of looking at local sustainable food systems).


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