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Originally published 21Jun2011


FOOD MATTERS film & talk Thurs Mullum Civic

21 June 2011

"FOOD MATTERS" FILM: Thurs 23 June
A provocative documentary on food and health
Nutritionists and film-makers will be in attendance for discussion about food, health, chronic illness and simple life care. Tickets: $12/10
Screening this Thursday at Mullum Civic Hall: doors open 6 pm for 7 pm start
Food prepared by Santos will be available.
Presented by Screenworks & Santos.

Go to this site to take action

My poem, which the Echo didn"t print ...


The one-eyed cane toad
it"s fluorescent floodlights
impinging on our nightscape
squats in former horse paddock
jaws slavering, waiting
to swallow
our identity.

Will you trade our town
for cheap Chinese trinkets
made with dirty coal
and blood of workers
who leap, tormented
from tall factories?

Or eat the food miles
glossy packaged
petro, nano, GMO
sucrose fructose dextrose
caffeine, cola, chocolate
and drown ensuing pain
with cheep cheep liquor?

Every Mullum dollar
could be a seed that feeds
our local economy
our farmers friends
and neighbour"s neighbour
or else
it"s sucked into the
globalised industrialised machine
that"s fracking Gaia.

The choice is yours
who do you support?
Will boarded windows and graffiti
feature in Burringbar Street?
Will Mullum be monopolised,
dominated, choices confined
to sterile aisles
fluoro floodlit
propaganda embedded
in musac?

In-yer-face cameras
watch every move
purchases tracked
with each swipe of
silicon-chipped plastic card;
data to plot with.

Lured by promises of every day rewards
clock up
with HSBC credit
(Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corp)
ah so, much interest!

Big brother has come
to Mullum.
Will you be sucked in?
Will you march
with the one-eyed cane-toad?

The acid test is here
the buck stops with us
where we spend it
defines our community


(For those who didn"t twig, the one-eye refers to the Wws logo.)

FILMS: "The Economics of Happiness"
By Helena Norberg-Hodge and John Page
Highly recommended; a look at globalisation and the localisation movement. The above poem was written (mainly) at about 3 am after watching that movie.

Helena recommends the film "Happy" Director: Roko Belic; a journey across the world in search of what really makes us happy. See clip on This is a non-profit independent movie so its all up to word of mouth. Both these films have been on locally and are well worth watching out for.


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