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Originally published 22Nov2012



Newsletter 115
22 November 2012


Can you help out on info table at Mullum Farmers Market tomorrow? call Deb 66843723.



A meeting has been urgently called in relation to making a submission re: prospecting application PSPAA no 55. This is about exploring for CSG (and/or other gasfield mining such as tightsands which requires fracking) over much of Byron Shire including half of Mullumbimby up to the Tweed. Submissions are due 5 Dec and are a bit tricky because they are about ‘prospecting" and not ‘production" therefore to mention methane emissions might be considered irrelevant. Relevant map is on
and the wording of the ad is on previous newsletter 113 dated 14th Nov

Next Wed we'll hear from Michael McNamara, Lock the Gate Tweed, about how to go about making a submission.

STREET SURVEYS – on holiday?

If the general consensus at the meeting is to LOCK THE GATE, LOCK THE ROADS, LOCK THE REGION, then we will need volunteers to become street coordinators to conduct house to house surveys. If you or someone you know will be away soon, please "contact us" at so you can record your opinion before leaving.


From: "csgfreenr.lismore"
Date: 21 November 2012 11:29:38 PM AEDT
To: CSG-free Lismore
Subject: ACTION ALERT: Grafton locals call for support at peaceful protest

Hi all,

Today around fifty local residents gathered at the Metgasaco drilling site near Grafton to protest coal seam gas invading their neighbourhood. Metgasco used the NSW police to force their way onto the site and continue work to prepare for drilling. The locals are maintaining their resolve and are calling for support to protect their community from the threat of coal seam gas drilling. Please get a carload of people together to come and support them in their efforts tomorrow, Thursday 22nd November. Please remember to bring food and water for the day, hat and sunscreen and be prepared to follow non-violent guidelines and maintain a peaceful presence at all times.

Below are directions and a map to the site is available here:

Drive through Grafton to South Grafton, then turn right (south) onto the highway (as if you were going to Coffs Harbour). Eight Mile Lane is about 13km from Grafton (i.e. 8 miles). It is clearly signposted as the turn off to Wooli and Minnie Water. On Google Maps, Avenue Road is call �Golden Mile Road�. The site is on your left, about 1.3km from the corner of Avenue Road with Eight Mile Lane.

Here is a link to Wednesday's media.

Ongoing updates will be available at the csg free northern rivers website.

See you there,

CSG free Northern Rivers


If you had any doubts about the ethics of the big mining companies....... see this water dumping. Crikey.


Non-violent Direct Action Guidelines
* Act responsibly, so that you don"t bring trouble on your friends or the movement.
* No physical violence or threats and no insulting language. Avoid shouting and running and generally raising the temperature of the situation.
* Practise the same respect for workers and police that you practice in your own group.
* Know yourself: are you the kind of person who reacts hotly? -Develop strategies to keep control of yourself.
* Step back from the front line when you are angry or upset and help your friends do the same.
* Don"t provoke police, workers etc. into action with your words, your camera or your actions.
* Be clear and open about your motives: this is not personal.
* Don"t damage equipment or apparatus
* Don"t judge other people, talk and connect with them.
* Maintain your sense of humour- humour can help defuse, but don"t be patronising or insulting.
* Remember at all times your objective.
* It's not the workers or the police who are the problem.
* The police can ask you your name and address and you are required to answer. You are not required to answer any other questions, and can simply respond 'No comment'.
* Don"t get chatty and tell the police anything unnecessary about yourself, the group, or any individuals in the group. This includes, how you decided to be there, the ideological leanings of the group, names of other people in the group etc. etc.

Please contact me if you want to be involved in street surveys and can"t attend the meeting on Wed 28th.

More Information:!/CsgFreeNorthernRivers

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