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Originally published 05Jan2013


Action Alert Glenugie: Mullum survey, Happy NY!

Newsletter 120
5 January 2013

may it be csg-free

however, Glenugie (near Grafton) may not be so soon; Metgasco have announced they will start drilling the Thornbird E04 well (PEL426) in early January according to Apparently hotels in Grafton have been booked out by large numbers of police. Likewise police are congregating in Casino.


Numbers of people are needed at Glenugie from NOW onwards, to join the peaceful protest. Everyone is encouraged to become familiar with the principles of Non Violent Direct Action (NVDA) outlined under the GET INVOLVED! button on

Please take food, water, sunscreen, camping gear and a hat as hot weather is forecast for next few days. The map to get to the protest:

Local activist Sue Vader went to Glenugie several times recently and took a photo of a family of emus with five chicks at nearly Yuraygir National Park; its is up on as well as her photo of the bicycle rammed by a Metgasco truck. Luckily the young man riding it escaped in the nick of time. Sue's account of the ingenious ways the protestors have peacefully held up Metgasco is inspiring.


NEXT MEETING: Saturday 12 January; 2 pm (Deb"s house).

Please note the cabin is being rented out this week: please do not go there!
If you need DVDs or any materials please contact Deb 66843723.

I am looking forward to hearing from Area Coordinators and surveyors. I have a new spreadsheet for recording data collected. Please let me know if you are able to come to a meeting next Sat arvo; or if away, when you"ll be back on board.

Call to Action – The Time is Now!
" . . . short term gain for gas companies and long term pain for communities . . . "
" . . . the fight for our water . . ."
If you"ve seen it already, have another look and renew your inner pledge after the holiday distractions.


NSW PLANNING REFORMS – Wiping out existing environmental protection??

The Better Planning Network was formed at the end of August 2012 by community groups concerned about the NSW Government"s Planning Review, and some of the planning reforms proposed in the Government"s Green Paper.
BPN affiliates about 180 community groups across the State concerned about O"Farrell"s forgotten promises to return planning powers to community. A click and send letter is on their website reminding him of his promises and raising concerns in particular about CSG DRILLING. Please sign!
Introductory 2 min vid about BPN is at

See what he said in 2005 on the new video Call to Action – The Time is Now!
And now he says that if we don"t access the gas our lights will go out!! Hello??
Didn"t he hear about the pipelines to Gladstone??

Bureau of Meteorology – Atlas of Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems is now available.


An article In Coal Seam Gas News on 20 December 2012, mentioned a Baseline Water Testing Group consisting of farmers, residents and local government authority representatives who intend to record the quality of water in the Northern Rivers. Meetings are being convened by Lismore environmentalist Gordon Fraser-Quick: Tel: 66224221.

"This is not just about CSG; it"s about a broad concern for the quality and quantity of water supplies into future. There are significant challenges including population, changes to land use and the industrialisation of land in our region," said Gordon Fraser-Quick.
"The region does not have a whole-of-region coordinated record of the water quality for all surface and ground waters," he said. "Everyone lives in a catchment, but nobody does any water testing. We all need to take responsibility."

Is Byron Shire participating in this endeavour? I await a response from 3 councillors: perhaps a few more requests might move this idea into action in our Shire.

Best wishes for a healthy and happy new year.


More Information:!/CsgFreeNorthernRivers

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