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Originally published 11May2013


Muollum Showgrounds TODAY Wed PROMISED LAND

Newsletter 122
11 May 2013-05-08


Mullum Showgrounds, 22 acres of iconic open space are a wonderful community asset. This Crown Land is under threat of being sold off; either we use it or lose it. It could be a creative precinct – how would you like to see it used? Do you have a vision? Ideas so far include studios for artists or business incubation, a food coop or men"s shed.

Currently it is used by the Mullum Farmers Market, Spagetti Circus and the Mullum Show. These endeavours do not quite meet the costs involved in maintaining the showgrounds. If more people used the showgrounds they would provide more income to keep it going.

Furthermore, the Showground Trust is able to borrow money from Crown Lands at a cheap rate if funding is required to set up an income-generating business or resource.

If you"d like to take an interest a vision for the showgrounds, please come to a meeting raft Plan of Management at the Mullum Showgrounds as follows:

SAT 11 MAY 3 to 4.30 pm
At Mullumbimby Showgrounds Foodhall, Main Arm Road
RSVP to Samantha Muller (Consultant Preparing Plan of Management) 66814772
Or Judy Macdonald, Secretary of the Showground Trust: 66845390

12.30 to 3 pm Adults $10
Heritage Fight
A film about James Price point, the land, the animals the people, the shale gas invasion, the most diverse & active dinosaur footprints from little dinosaurs up to footprints 1.7m across & 30m long animal and the full on fight over this between Woodside & Barnett who wanted to put their LNG hub here and the amazing protectors. Just the Bilby footage is worth it & Daniel the Bilby man is there. A paper on the Dinosaur activity is in peer review but it took the locals to get all the science done so far.

WEDNESDAY 15 MAY 6.30 pm - Byron Bay Palace Cinema
"Promised Land"
Matt Damon stars in movie about CSG manoeuvring into a small town USA. This is a very watchable drama and very timely as motivation for the cause is flagging thanks to the local political manoeuvring to get the heat off the successful campaigning. Its also a fundraiser for csgfreebyron.
CSG events are inspiring and fully encourage community engagement. I"ve seen it already, recommend it and will go again. See ya there.

May is the time for a month-long campaign about eating local food. Sustain Northern Rivers is hosting a competition in partnership with APN Media and ABC North Coast. Great prizes to be won each week during May when the best photo and review of local food from farmers market, restaurant, local grocer or community garden will be selected to win a range of prizes including dinner for 2 at local restaurant, gift hampers, vouchers etc etc. This is to improve health, support local farmers and reduce impact of climate change. Check or download MYFOOD NORTHERN RIVERS iphoneapp. Closing date 31 May. Get eating and writing!

The survey data entering on Excel Sheets is still underway; help is still needed – please contact Deb 66843723 if you can spare an hour or two. When complete we hope to have Declaration Day later this month. Will keep you posted.

QUEENSLAND GASFIELDS: This is from Carol Shipard in the Kyogle newsletter:

'Well... what can I say.. I have just come back last night from a 5 day trip up to the Queensland Coal Seam gas fields. I find it hard to type what I experienced, because quite frankly I think I am in some sort of shock, and a feeling of utter disbelief. TERRIFIED for the future of Australians would be a good round up. I will sit and write down more later, but for GOD's SAKE for the sake of all Australians please get in your car, and go and look at what those ANIMALS, those cruel international companies but mostly our trusted politicians have done to the poor poor people of Queensland.

I am begging you all to drive around the roads that are extremely dangerous as they are filled with thousands of mining trucks, I am begging you to go into the poor township of Chinchilla and try to spot a child, a farmers wife, a person that does not have a yellow vest on. I am begging you to drive and stop your car on a public road out near Kenya gasfields and be HARASSED AND STALKED by the male security guards (in a pack of three from QGC), try to beat our record of stoping to take a photo of a disgusting compressor station 750 metres away) find yourselves being confronted and FILMED within 5 minutes of stopping your car. Laugh at the old "Tourist drives" signage.. because god knows you are not welcome to get out of your car and take a snap. THIS is OUR country, these are our roads we pay for in our taxes, and you can be followed as we were for up to 5 kilometres. If that's not harassment, I don't know what it is. You can speak to the REAL locals who are beaten and worn and SICK from the toxic belching which is on their doorsteps. Talk to the farmer who is about to shoot himself as the compressor station stops him from sleeping, and his farm no longer is a farm due to gas wells. I felt SICK out there, disgusted at the amount of sellout miners who know damn well what they have done to the communities, and the mighty dollar somehow switches off their conscience. A message to you, you are not humans with a soul.

Be VERY careful if you do go out though, the roads are treacherous, and PLEASE Northern Rivers people, go out and imagine how on earth that infrastructure, clearance, hundreds of kilometre long holding ponds, and hundreds of compressor stations that sound and look like international airports are going to "co-exist" with our beautiful region? there is NO co-existance" with farming that I saw, they are forcing people away, and that's the way they like it. They have beaten down and simply tortured the local. They are pumping their "treated" waste water from mining into the Chinchilla drinking water supplies.

This is nothing but genocide as far as I am concerned, ticked and granted by our politicians, Thomas George I will be calling in soon, and I am absolutely disgusted and horrified that you think you will subject the same to the 87% who have voted against CSG in this region . . . the system is criminal. A disgrace and utterly un-Australian. Yes I am angry, very very angry, and I will spread what I saw to the world if I have to till my dying day, this is absolutely and utterly war upon Australians and they need to know about it FAST.'

Thank you Carol, well said. I too went to the Queensland Gasfields just before Christmas, and I just didn"t have the words to write what she has written. It"s true what she says.


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