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Originally published 02Jun2013


CSG photo shoot Wed 5th 1pm Dec Day Kids Art

Newsletter 123
2nd June 2013

Photo Shoot for Mullum gasfield free Declaration Day - Kids Art Competition – Mullum Flicks -Wireless NBN - Save the Whitsundays greenpeace – Hazzard"s White Paper on Planning

Greetings amigos

WANTED!! Show of Strength for PHOTO SHOOT to publicise DECLARATION DAY.

1pm Wednesday 5th June

Meet at the museum by the old sign "Biggest Little Town" next to Mullum Community Marketplace, Myocum Steet. Please bring Gasfield-Free, No CSG, etc placards/banners and wear some colourful clothing to make this a great shot to encourage people to come to Mullum"s Declaration Day. If you can"t make it tell someone who can; numbers count!!

Wednesday 5th June 1.30

SIGN PAINTING at Deb"s place: all welcome.
Please bring coreflute from your local estate agent to paint on, paints and cups of tea supplied.



Meet 8.30 am at the Showground Gates for procession to farmers market to meet with Mayor Simon Richardson at 9am to hand over our certificates. We need to honour Simon's time schedule so it won't take long. Please bring your banner/placard because photos will be sent to the politicians to let them know Mullum ain"t for grabs by greedy miners. The best creative artwork will be awarded a prize.


11th-18th June artworks by children with the csg theme will be displayed in Mullum shop windows. What message would your child like to send to government about possible gasmining in Mullum or the Shire? There will be prizes for best overall design, the most original slogan and people"s choice. Age groups range from Under 10s, 10-15, and 16 and over.

A4 size artworks can be left at Santos any time, or will be collected from Mullum Public, Mullum High and Shearwater on Tuesday morning 11th June.
These will be made into a slideshow or poster and sent to the politicians along with publicity shots from our Declaration Day. Please encourage any children you know to participate. I have written to each school asking that the children reflect upon what kind of landscape they want to inherit.

If you can donate a prize for this initiative, please contact Deb or make cash donation in our online facility on Please email Deb (contact us) if you want a receipt, or call 66843723. Thank you for your support.

MULLUMFLICKS: "A FIERCE GREEN FIRE" new doco about activism.

SATURDAY 15th JUNE – 6 pm – Drill Hall, Mullumbimby

In conjunction with our Gasfield Free celebrations, we will be showing a 15 min Lock the Gate movie and giving a 5 min update on our local campaign. Thanks to Noel of for offering us this space.


Last week I mentioned a public info session at the Civic Hall about the Broadband towers the State Gov has decreed we shall have (without needing approval from Byron Shire Council). There were about 8 well-heeled consultants sporting name badges and earnestness to allay any fears about radiation. "It"s safe and natural" I was told and that these towers emit signal strength which is about the equivalent to a wireless router; about one tenth of a taxi radio signal. One monopole can reach about 400 people, and 8 towers equivalent of 5,000 people. They work on a line-of-sight (I was told) and do not penetrate the environment. One monopole which will service Mullumbimby Creek will be placed on the golf course. Hello – how will that meet line of sight to the homes in Mullum Creek with the power of one wireless router?

Comments can be made by Monday 10th June to or go to or call them on 1800-881-816. You might have had a snail mail letter from NBNCo about this. It would be great if someone who understands about Electromagnetic Radiation could speak to us authoritatively. Param on Bay FM Sunday morning "What Now" did an interview with Vivien Stott, a local who has been researching this subject for some time: go to and click on "Now What" programme.


What has the coal industry got in store for the Great Barrier Reef, now the wonderful Whitsundays? Dredging!! Do what you can . . . sign petition to Tony Burke, Fed Env Minister,


Probably the most vital issue. There"s a quick and easy letter you can send at: ).
If gov gets their way all the controls that we currently have around planning will be wiped out in favour of developers.

Hope to see you Wednesday 12.45 at the museum, flags and all.

for more csg info

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