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Originally published 26Mar2014


mainly BENTLEY

Newsletter 150 18.3.14

POLLY HIGGINS" - ERADICATING ECOCIDE EVENT was heartwarming and inspiring – thanks to all who attended and esp those who brought the lovely food and the kitchen helpers. The teamwork magically happened! I have a well-loved stainless steel baking dish to be claimed: 66843723. Hear the audio at where there are 4 sound recordings from different parts of the evening. Thanks Brendan Shoebridge for recording and Param for editing and putting it on GFFBS website, along with much more allied info. Contact for newsletter (more uptodate than this!).

BENTLEY ALERTS: By text: text your name and number to 0447 399 535 or go to Facebook Gasfield Free Northern Rivers (not ... Byron Shire).


Friday nights Byron for Bentley (B4B) at Mullum Community Gardens: 5 – 7 pm
This week, 28.3.14, Katrina Shields, local author, activist, sustainability educator, will be giving a workshop based on NVDA principles. "If you care, there are many ways to contribute, as social movements require a range of different roles to be successful. Come and explore the rebel role, the change agent, the reformer and the citizen. All vital, and sometimes in conflict. Each can be expressed positively and negatively. Identify what roles you could play to support the blockade and the campaign, whether or not you are physically present. You will also find out more about being a protector at the camp."

Saturday 29 March:

7am and 11am: car pooling from Mullum Community Gardens
10-11am UKES AGAINST FRACKING Bring your uke and jam for the land.
11.30 am BALLOONS@BENTLEY – free fun event – grab a balloon, write your message to Metgasco (NB these balloons are biodegradable and not helium filled: all urged to pick up busted ones and care for the cows).

Sunday 30 March:
Northern Rivers Protectors Unite in a Cultural Campout



10am to 1pm - Workshop - Dare to be Alive! Deep Ecology and Compassionate Action Workshop with Ruth Rosenhek and NVC teacher Paulette Narai Brown.

9am to 1pm - Artistic co-creation for the cause - bring materials for banner-making and sign making - paint and brushes, white sheets, boards, etc

FROM 1pm AT BENTLEY HALL (7 minute drive from Camp):
1.30pm Lunch - Samosas and Salad

2pm GIGS NOT RIGS - Music and Speakers, including Toni Childs, The Hottentots, Nathan Kaye, Bodhi Seed and Brainstorm, Laura Targett and friends, Wild Marmalade, S Sorrensen

6.30pm Delicious Dinner and jam (with more awesome musicians), and talking around the fire.

Campovers welcome
3; Ready for action on Monday morning! (There is approval for up to 200 campers on site.)

5th April at 1pm, upstairs at Silver Cloud Studios, 14 Foley's Rd in Sth. Lismore. This meeting is held monthly with reps. from all the local groups in the region to plan and organise events and actions for the anti-gas campaign in the region.

One day symposium Brisbane Fri 4th April

8 x NBN TOWERS proposed for BYRON SHIRE

8 Towers are proposed: Billinudgel, Clunes North, Eureka East, Federal, Hayters Hill, Main Arm, Mullum Creek (next to golf course clubhouse) and Manse Road Myocum. Only one of these towers is getting a DA: Main Arm. If you don"t like the idea, better get onto it now cos they want to start the roll-out this year. special page on NBN Towers with lots of links for further info. Contact this website if you want a free DVD of mind-boggling info or if you want to be part of the response to NBN microwave tower proposals.

SOLAR POWER! World"s largest solar plant started working in California a few weeks ago. It"s amazing, lovely pics here. Whoops, sorry for the wildlife (birds and tortoises).

QUOTE: The pace of the environmental revolution will be faster than that of its predecessors. The agricultural revolution began some two thousand years ago, and the industrial revolution has been underway for two centuries. But if the environmental revolution is to succeed, it must be compressed into a few decades. From: "Ecopsychology: Restoring the Earth, Healing the Mind" Eds: Roszak, Gomes and Kanner.


GFFBS website:
New FB page: Gasfield Free Byron Shire (put in the spaces)

BPN: contact

NBN TOWER: FB: North Coast NBN Tower Action Group;

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