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Originally published 29Mar2014



29.3.14 Newsletter 151

Police and road building on Monday. Police will close the road sometime. Arrive weekend ready to camp. Alert Others! Keep action Peaceful and remain calm.
Alerts can be sent to you by text if you leave your no at 0447 399 535 or call the camp no 0477 263 137.

This is a Non-violent Direct Action taking place on Monday morning probably from at least 5am. You can support it without putting yourself in an arrestable position. This is what the majority of people there will be doing.

Please see Facebook "Gasfield Free Byron Shire", and "Byron For Bentley" pages for frequently updated information including legal rights and camping advice.

It is important this is a mass demonstration. Every body counts. If possible, come to Sunday events (see Facebook and website) and camp overnight in case of road closure. If you can't stay over, and get excluded, do whatever you can, remaining non-violent. Stay updated. ACTION WILL CONTINUE INDEFINITELY.

Lock the Gate Code of Conduct for Nonviolent Direct Action:

I will treat each person (including workers, police and media) with respect.
I will connect with people and attempt to win hearts & minds.
I will not use violence, threats or insulting language.
I will protect opponents from insults or attack.
I will not damage equipment, apparatus or property of others I will accept responsibility for my actions.
If I am arrested, I will behave in an exemplary manner.
I will assert my right to protest and my right to silence before the law.
I will know the limits of my anger or despair, and will develop strategies to manage and channel these emotions constructively.

And now for some GOOD NEWS!!
"... the first Minister to talk sense ..." Alan Jones interviews Anthony Roberts, NSW Resources and Energy Minister re: 6 month freeze on new explorations licences for CSG-

REPORT of BYRON4BENTLEY POD, Mullum Community Gardens 5-7pm each Friday
Fri 28.3.14: Katrina Shields gave talk which included the 4 roles of activism from work by Bill Moyer

REBEL: As the rig is due to arrive any time now it"s time for the rebel role, drawing the line, locking on and getting arrested. In this role we need to be mentally, physically and emotionally prepared. Acting the rebel role out of extreme anger will not be paying attention to the strategy and can create conflict rather than building consensus. Ineffective rebels can cause more trouble than the opposition.

CHANGE AGENT: has the role of educating and putting the issue on the political agenda. They nurture and support activists and provide training to enable paradigm shift. Change Agents become ineffective by being too utopian, disconnected from what is happening or being too hard on people.

REFORMER: Uses official mainstream structures, they are people working in law or local government. They move through official channels and are constrained in what they can do. We need to nurture and appreciate them, as they will be the ones who will clinch the deal.

CITIZEN: Normal citizen, not extreme, who belongs to a church, school, fire brigade, etc and is willing to talk to them about the campaign.

Message from Iris Ray Nun
So, if you aren't in the place or position right now in your life to read Andrew Harvey's book, 'The Hope, A Guide To Sacred Activism', you may want to tune into some of the key components of this work that I have summarised as follows.

1. The 'dark night of the soul', that many of us have experienced in our lives, is happening on a collective level.
2. This dark night is a powerful teacher, leading us to the ways of compassion. First for ourselves, then for our fellow man.
3..Now is the time to embody radical faith that everything is going to be ok, no matter how intense it may appear on the outer.
4,Now is the time to embody radical passion and direct that fire from within, with love and compassion towards the injustice you wish to shine light on in the world.
5. Radical passion is a force driven from the feminine heart that is now awakening within every person who has prepared their mind and soul to a place that now allows Her to work within them. The goddess is here.
6. To awaken the fire, use warm heart practices for example - dance, sing, whisper to your heart everyday the beautiful words...."I Love You". Oh And read sacred poetry! Every day.
7. Finally slow down. The most dangerous energy working to enable the greed and destruction, are our busy lives. Not enough time to connect to our true nature. Simplify. Slow down, Breathe.
Let the Source/Light/Love/God/Goddess/Creator/Ancestor Beings/Nature/Sun (whatever you name the ultimately unnameable) fill your whole body, mind and soul every day. Then walk forth with that light, grounding firmly into the earth as you go to the place where your light is guided to by Spirit. Where you are most needed.

When asked by Andrew Harvey what is the meaning of life, The Dali Lama replied; "To embody the transcendent".

That is the place from 'within' where the sacred activist meets the imbalances in the world. Effecting change by indeed, being it.


Wed 9 April, Pioneer Hall, 32 Gordon Street, Mullumbimby – 7pm Paste this link into address bar for poster. Alanna has been very active in Victoria with community opposition to Smart Meters, and other EMR-related issues. She is also a published author with an extensive background in dowsing, Earth energies, building biology and natural gardening. You can visit her website here:

The video trailer linked below was forwarded to us by Janis Hoffman of Parents for a Safe School. It is very well done and worth watching. Entitled "Generation Zapped", it deals with the adverse health effects, upon children, of wireless technologies.
Want more? Here is a recently uploaded YouTube video that reveals the objectionable aspects of so-called "smart meters". They emit potentially harmful microwaves and spy upon your daily life. Before long, the electricity supplier will be trying to install one of these at your home or business. Find out what this means for you, and what can be done about it.
Recommend to start watching at 7 minutes . . .
There is also a webpage devoted to smart meters at:

THURS 3 APRIL – MULLUM FORUM 7pm Uniting Church Hall, Dalley Street.
"Take Back Your Power", the highly acclaimed, full length documentary on smart meters and the worldwide protest movement against them. Award winning doco exposes the corruption and erosion of rights in the name of ‘smart" and ‘green". What you see will surprise and empower you.

GFFBS website:
New FB page: Gasfield Free Byron Shire (put in the spaces)

BPN: contact

NBN TOWER: FB: North Coast NBN Tower Action Group;

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