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Byron Shire Council To Consider Woolworths Sewerage Proposal on June 11

Byron Shire Council  To Consider Woolworths Sewerage Proposal on June 11

Council will vote on Thursday 11th of June. Video is our ABC TV Stateline Community dissent clip.
Byron Shire Councillors will vote this Thursday 11 June, on the Woolworths onsite sewage application (S68). Councilís Director of Planning and Environment Services, Ray Darney, has written a letter to the people who expressed concern about the Woolworths S68, assuring them that Council officers have recommended refusal of Wws onsite sewer. What he doesnít say in this letter, and which is written on p148 of the Agenda for 11.6.09, is that Council staff have prepared a nine page document (Annexure 31(f) #857453 Draft Approval Conditions: which sets out what Council recommends in order for Woolworths to re-apply should councillors refuse them this time.


Council’s preparation of the “Draft Approval Conditions” is an extraordinary and  unusual course of action which indicates the lengths they have gone to in this matter, and  apparently at ratepayers expense.  Byron Shire ratepayers may ask;  why are they  apparently subsidising Woolworths'  on-site sewerage plans?  And how much time did they spend on this activity? And what cost to ratepayers?

If you would like to address the Council at the meeting please contact Lisa Brennan on or Ms Melissa Moore on (02) 6626 7120 or email by 12.00pm on the Wednesday prior to the meeting.

Please note that public access to address council commences prior to the meeting at 9.00am.


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