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Byron Council Votes to Vigorously Defend Sewer on a Bog

Byron Council Votes to Vigorously Defend  Sewer on a Bog

The ashes of the Big Box lie smouldering on the Wws site

Woolworths intention to challenge Byron Shire's recent rejection of their sewer on a bog in the Land and Environment Court has been met with more Councillor mettle.
MCAN thanks the Councillors for their passionate support of local community concern about the impact of a Big Box supermarket in Mullumbimby.

Council voted 7 - 2 to "vigorously defend" the appeal by Woolworths in the Land and Environment Court.

The reasons for refusal  include that Woolworths failed to demonstrate that their on-site  sewerage system fails to meet Byron Shires on-site waste management guidelines.

Cr. Simon Richardson summed up the situation in a nutshell: 'This is a clear case of community action... there is a widespread belief that this kind of development is both environmentally, socially and economically destructive for this shire and I thank the community for being so vigilant with it. I think it's the only way  ultimately that we are going to achieve victory against the "big boys in  town" so to speak. The only way is if the community remains vigilant and if the council here and our legal team remains more prepared.

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