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Echo Website hacked by Anti-Woolworths Agent

Echo Website hacked by Anti-Woolworths Agent

The anti woolworths logo seen on the echo site. It is a stunning logo despite the circumstances
Yesterday morning , visitors to The Echo website were greeted with a black screen with an anti-woolworths logo in the middle. The site had been hacked during the night.  By 10am the site was back to normal.
The Mullumbimby Community Action Network's Deborah Lilley says she also knows nothing about it.
"We don't support the hacking of the website because it creates headaches for the hacked, but it's an awesome choice of insignia," Ms Lilly said. The words Mullum High appeared on the top right hand corner of the page but Mullum high denies any knowledge of the hack.

MCAN's web manager found the following written in t
he source code of the page, normally hidden to users unless they click the "view source" button on their browser

Note to Admin/Editor: This is a peaceful protest against woolworths, please write about this protest in next weeks Echo. Thanking You SGZR

P.S. I come in peace! all your files have been backed up into a folder
P.P.S. You may want to beef up your security, you should hire me :P I live in Ocean Shores. BTW i am female

It seems ironic that someone would want to put this on the echo website because they have given a lot of support to the anti woolworths cause.


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