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Mullumbimby community reclaims vacant railway land in Station Street.

On the 22nd of September Mullumbimby residents and newcomers alike gathered to celebrate the Equinox and to reclaim the vacant railway land in Station Street. This open space in the heart of town is the site where Woolworths propose to build their "Big Box".

Traditionally, the Spring Equinox is a fertile time for community to gather in unity of purpose and to celebrate the growing season when the sap rises and the roots dig downwards.

The group envisioned gardens, labyrinth, playground, market and rainforest trees for the site.




Also celebrated was the fact that the site has not yet been rezoned “Commercial” and is currently zoned Special Uses “Railway”.  Newly-elected Byron Shire councilors will be considering the rezoning of the site for the new LEP (Local Environment Plan).


“Railways and open space are much needed resources for the wellbeing of our community” said Deborah Lilly, co-ordinator of MCAN “and we need to preserve them for community – not sell them off to a corporate giant”.


tree planting at community site in station streetEx-Planning Minister Sartor approved development of the site (over-riding Byron Shire Council’s rejection of the DA) under SEPP8 “Surplus Public Land” for a supermarket of 1550m2 and for a bottle shop 250m2 in Stage 1 and a further 700m2 of supermarket in Stage 2.  MCAN disagrees that this land is “Surplus”.


Woolworths have made changes (S96) to the original DA approved by Sartor, and we await the verdict on whether these changes are approved by the new Minister Katrina Keneally.



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