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Mullumbimby Unanimously Votes to go Gasfield Free

Mullumbimby Unanimously Votes to go Gasfield Free

well over 300 residents vote unanimously to make Mullumbimby gasfield free on Wednesday night

Blessed be, Mullumbimby!   A hearty unanimous vote to declare Mullumbimby Gasfield Free at our public meeting in the BSC Council Chambers has kickstarted our campaign to survey every resident. A strong sense of solidarity and love raised spirits high and dozens of people have signed up to become street surveyors. Area coordinators meeting Thurs 6 December:  call 66843723 for details or see next newsletter.

Byron Mayor Simon Richardson told the gathering that the gas companies and the government will have a hell of a fight if they try and mine for CSG in Byron shire. "You come to our shire at your peril - we have 30 years' history of environmental activism ... we will resist you regardless of the colour of your skin, Cr Richardson said."

Submission writing tea party

will be Sat 1st Dec in rotunda at Mullum Community Gardens, 2 pm. Please come and bring a plate to share and you could even wear a mad hat! Submission suggestions from LTG Tweed are on ‘documents’ section.

BIG THANKS to the locals for openhearted generosity -we raised $1886 (that’s the year slavery was abolished in Brazil!). We can now get the educational materials needed for the survey process. Join our movement, come together and save our soil!


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