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Drill Rig and Police at Glenugie Blockade

Drill Rig and Police at Glenugie Blockade

The creative energy of the people of the Northern Rivers is on display
at the Glenugie CSG protest today.

There are now more than 150 protestors gathered at the site singing
protest songs and farmers on horseback have recently arrived. In
addition, one person is suspended in a tripod at the entrance to the
site, two are attached to devices in the ground barring access to the
site, one is on a tree platform and one is hanging from a suspended
aerial wire.


40+ police are now present including the tactical response unit and rescue squad and have established a mobile command centre across the road from the drill site.Police have addressed the crowd and said that they can remain on site but have asked them to clear the gate to allow access for the rig.

The drill rig and a number of other large trucks carrying equipment and Metgasco work vehicles are a few minutes away and are accompanied by four police vehicles.

If it takes this many police to facilitate one day's work for Metgasco in the Northern Rivers, how many will it take for the other 364 days of the year?


 - Please support the protest of CSG mining in any way you can. Your presence is needed mainly, but fresh food, ice,  rubbish removal and recycling is a great help too!

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