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Origin Energy Lures Lost CSG Customers with "bonuses"

Origin Energy Lures Lost CSG Customers with

Kevala with the letter from Origin Energy

Kevala Hart has recently received another letter from origin Energy offering all sorts of incentives to return her account to them.  "Some months ago we changed over to another company Red Energy which uses mostly renewables and says they do not use CSG." said Kevala. Origin Energy is heavily involved in CSG exploration and has also attacked anti CSG activity.

Since then Origin have been trying to get us back, with phone calls with paultry offers and letters with bribes of discounts and rebates. Kevala's partner, Robert was so outraged by the second one received last week which included a special phone number and a code to automatically switch back to Origin, that he sat down and wrote the  letter below to the CEO of Origin.

Letter to Origin Energy CSG Sucks

If you changed your electricity account from Origin to another supplier because of their CSG activities and have received letters or phone calls from them trying to coax you back,  please use this letter below as a template and send your own reply.

Grant King
Managing Director
Level 45, Australia Square
264 - 278 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000
Dear Mr. King,
We have received another letter today from your company, Origin Energy trying to bribe us into going back to you as electricity suppliers. What with a paltry $100 credit,  plus 13 percent off our bill for 2 years, and a further conditional 3%  if we are good people.

How outrageous! How insulting! We terminated you as our electricity supplier because Origin Energy is involved with Coal seam Gas exploration, one of the most destructive activities mankind has yet devised. Do you really think we can be swayed by a bribe which would see our land destroyed, our health ruined, our farm become unsellable, and see us become refugees in our own country?
There is no way we are about to give support to a corporation which seeks to destroy us. The impact of unconventional gas mining is copiously documented both in the USA and at Tara in Queensland. In these places, vast areas of land are pock marked with large numbers of wells roads, pipes, leaking gases and fluids, sick and dying livestock, suffering residents, as well as pollution of groundwater and the landscape on a monumental scale. Unconventional gas mining cannot co-exist with any other productive human activity.
Even in our area there are some so called exploration/production wells. Most have been abandoned and are now leaking or flaring gas. The nearby residents tell of the earth shattering noise from the 24 hour drilling. They are now Ill with headaches, a symptom of methane ingestion, and other chronic health problems, which they did not have before.
Tens of thousands of wells are proposed for our area here in the northern rivers area of New South Wales, one of the most lush and beautiful areas in Australia.
You need to “get real” as they say and go to Tara Queensland, and Wyoming, Texas, Colorado Pennsylvania in the USA and see for yourself, what you are involved in.
Are you aware of the level of anti CSG sentiment in Northern NSW?  The NSW planning minister Brad Hazzard and his team came here a few weeks ago to try and sell CSG to us. He got a very strong response from a large audience who overfilled the City Hall in Lismore, saying NO not at any price.  
And now the community resistance is exploding in Sydney, with the water supply of 4 million people under threat and 2 million directly affected.
So this is a dead industry and you would be well advised to extract your company from CSG and invest in renewable energy big time, before the CSG issue bankrupts your company.


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