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Woolworth Lake and : Station Street still Closed

Woolworth Lake and :  Station Street still Closed

Station street is still closed. Traffic now roars past Milk and Honey Pizza shop
Woolworths in Mullumbimby update Christmas 2010. Well guess what? The Woolworths Station Street site is not just a bog, but a rippling lake , which covers almost the entire site. It is big enough to hold a regatta!!
And there is even more in case you had not seen it or guessed. Station Street is still not open. At present it is partially open for one way traffic, for the locals.


We told them it was a bog – and now it’s a rippling lake! The excavations for the Woolworths carpark, approximately the size of the new supermarket, have filled with water, lending the scene a surprising tranquillity. The lake extends under the new supermarket building (as yet unfinished) and can be seen through an open doorway at the northern end, giving the impression that the whole area under the supermarket is submerged.

The new drainage on the newly reconstructed part of Station Street also has water in situ and a sign above the drain states hopefully that it runs into the creek. Currently it is not running anywhere.

Again the question arises of how the wastewater from the supermarket, the toilets and food preparation areas could be absorbed into the soil on the site when it is no longer just boggy, but inundated.


As for the much anticipated lifting of the Woolworths barricades for the Christmas holidays, a small compromise has been made. Space the width of a single vehicle has been opened up, with NO ENTRY signs facing Argyle and Burringbar Streets so that traffic may pass one way only.

The small concession was hardly the hoped for opening of the area so that business may resume as usual at the Poinciana Cafe which currently has to be accessed from the rear lane.

Signs in Mallams Supermarket and their Chinese shop offer the premises for lease from May 2011. The question is, will Woolworths be ready by then?

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