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Samford (Brisbane) Stops Wolworths

Samford (Brisbane) Stops Wolworths

The proposal for a large Woolworths supermarket to be built in the middle of Samford (near Brisbane) has been withdrawn. This is a major victory for the community and flies in the face of the conventional wisdom that large and well cashed-up Supermarket chains can not be beaten.
It is possible for communities to stand up to and stop large corporations.

Howard Nielsen convenor of the Viva Samford working group said,
Persistent and assertive participation enabled the ViVa Samford Working Group, acting for the Progress Association and the community generally, to keep government decision makers on the straight and narrow…. thus making it very difficult for the Main Roads Department and the Council to do anything other than stick to their guns on the regulations that made life difficult for the Blair Group and Woolies.

The scenic and historic Village of Samford near Brisbane is a place to be visited by all for its beauty, tranquility, rural feel and sense of community.
Situated just 20km outside Brisbane CBD and surrounded by mountains and State Forest, the valley in which the village is nestled is one of outstanding beauty.
For a major city to have this Village on its doorstep is rare in this shrinking world of natural wonder and sense of place.
The Viva Samford working group was formed by community nomination in March 2007 with the simple aim of promoting and protecting a legacy for future generations to enjoy.... particularly in the face of a Main Street development application that does not meet ViVa Samford planning principles.

Howard Nielsen
ViVa Samford Working Group


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