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Woolworths Involved in Accusations of Toy Test Conflict of Interest

Woolworths Involved in Accusations of Toy Test Conflict of Interest

These toys are not connected with this issue, they are just innocent bystanders caught waiting for a loving owner

How far does Woolworths impose into our lives? Not only does Woolworths control a large chunk of Australia's Retail Industry but also it has a sizeable chunk of the toy testing laboratory market as well.

Qualtest owned by Woolworths is one of only two laboratories accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities to test products under the Australian toy standard.

But Qualtest, has assisted the Government in prosecuting 15 of its competitors over the past year. A spokeswoman for Virginia Judge, the Fair Trading Minister, dismissed allegations that the contract with Woolworths raised conflict-of-interest issues.

No Woolworths or Big W store has ever been prosecuted by Fair Trading for failing to meet toy safety standards.

According to the Sydney morning herald today,

Two Paddy's Market stallholders were nabbed during the State Government's Operation Mercury in February, when the Office of Fair Trading pounced on Sydney markets suspected of selling dangerous toys.

Independent toy retailers have called into question the integrity of the testing scheme, in which a laboratory owned by the supermarket giant Woolworths - itself a big retailer of toys - holds a lucrative government contract to test its competitors' products and decide whether they are fit for sale.

Woolworths has disputed the allegations, saying Qualtest was independently audited and operated impartially.

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